What Party Supplies Do I Need to Make a Party a Hit? — January 18, 2017

What Party Supplies Do I Need to Make a Party a Hit?

Preparing for a party can be difficult. Although you can always hire someone to prepare and take care of the party for you, this, in turn, can be expensive on your end. The amount of stress is just about the same whether you are planning a party on your own or whether you are hiring a professional to do the job for you.


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The birthday party supplies you will need for a birthday party can be balloons, decorations, food and many other things. You must buy many different items for the party you’re planning. Finding wholesale party supplies can also be helpful and can save you money. A theme party can also be great fun such as a pirate party, or an outdoor garden party. You can also go for an American-themed party and then choose from the various fun American-themed party costume ideas that you have on your Pinterest board. An important time in every person’s life is graduation. There should be a graduation party for each graduate. Any type of graduation is very special. Some traditional gift ideas include money, clothing and other accessories. It’s a big day and a graduation party is a wonderful way to celebrate that accomplishment. Why? Well, it’s because a graduation happens so rarely in a person’s life.

You should buy discount party supplies to save money. If you buy discount party supplies you can really save some money compared to retail prices. Everyone has a birthday, which means that everyone will have a birthday party. These parties should be very fun and interesting; you could even consider throwing a surprise party.

To make your life, even more fun, try and attend at least 1 party this year and have a blast.

Using the right party supplies is very important for any party you have. A well-organized party with interesting and exciting party supplies will be remembered long after the occasion. Whether it’s graduation party, birthday party or a relaxing outdoor summer party remember that the right party supplies and decorations really can make the difference.

What a Five-Year-Old Taught Me About Decorating — December 11, 2016

What a Five-Year-Old Taught Me About Decorating

I have a 5-year-old nephew that is about to get his own room.  He’s very excited at the prospect and quite determined to put his own personal stamp on the decorating process.  I like to listen to him explain why certain things must be certain ways; it’s an entertaining and charming view of the world through his eyes.  I listened when he shared his decorating ideas, and this is what he taught me so far.

Home Decor.jpg

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  1. You should use your favorite color a lot (if you like pink or green or red, don’t be afraid to use it as much as you can).
  2. If you don’t like a color, don’t use it (doesn’t matter what anyone says is popular, if you don’t like it, don’t use it).
  3. You need room to put all your good stuff out where you can see it and play with it (don’t store your treasures away, display them). You can even include party supplies in your room décor if you feel that it has a significant meaning or an important memory attached to it.
  4. When you get tired of something, hide it somewhere, and then when you find it again, you won’t be tired of it anymore (rotate your treasures so you can admire and enjoy them equally).
  5. Moms like fancy pillows. Kids don’t unless they can throw them, and then you get in trouble (decorate a room for the person living there)
  6. You should be able to push your cars on the wall without messing up the paint (buy good washable paint).
  7. What’s wrong with jumping on the furniture (what’s wrong with jumping on the furniture)? There isn’t as long as the rest of the room is kid safe and corners are properly protected with corner guards in the event of falling or accidents.
  8. You need to have a light by the door that you can turn on to check for monsters at night (good lighting is very important).
  9. Flashlights are cool and you need someplace to put one where you can always find it if you remember to put it back (organized storage is effective if you use it).
  10. If you put too much stuff in your closet, you don’t have room to sit on the floor with your flashlight and hide (plan for all uses and don’t overstuff the closet).


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Changing your mind about the look of your room is natural. You can try to experiment every now and then but try to avoid big changes like changing the wall painting too often. If a certain change does not require too much effort or is kind to the budget, you can also do it as you please. These are very good ideas in decorating a room as well as in contemplating with life. I am now considering jumping on our bed every so often or as necessary.

Affordable Ways in Decorating for Christmas — November 28, 2016

Affordable Ways in Decorating for Christmas

If you haven’t started to put up Christmas decorations by now, you should start to panic a little. Christmas is just three weeks away and there are still so many things to do. Besides decorating your home, your office and the neighborhood for that festive ambiance this coming holiday season, completing your Christmas list and wrapping it up without the kids noticing what’s waiting for them on Christmas present opening time can be quite stressful by now.

However, you still have time to put up those decorations without having to spend so much on buying new and expensive ones by doings things simple and some in DIY. DIY seems to be a bad idea with just 20+ days before Christmas celebration, but if you’ll really put you’re hear into it, you can actually decorate your home and your outdoors with Christmas décor pieces, bon bons and other sparkly things over the weekend and dedicate the rest of the week in completing your Christmas gift list.


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Here are some ways on how to get affordable decorations for your home and finish putting them up in no time.

Find time to explore dollar stores for cheap and easy to put up décor. This can be a set of pillow cases for your living room sofa. A few snow-man candles for your fireplace and unique vintage Christmas symbols as decorative centerpieces for your living room table and the dining table as well.

Add metallic bon bons and garlands around your fireplace and railings. Metallic garlands in red, green, silver and gold can easily add an interesting light and ambiance in your homes. You simply stick it or wrap it around in your allotted areas and you’re done.

Be creative in setting up your table by using mini Christmas stockings as organizers for your dining utensils. You can even slip a Santa inspired cover for your dining table chairs.

Country Living.jpg

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You can make use of your Mason jars and old glass jars by placing battery operated Christmas lights inside them. This would instantly upgrade the festive look in your homes without denting your wallets.

Stack Christmas balls on a fruit bowl or pedestal to create a unique and interesting centerpiece. An electronic candle in the middle would look so great as well.


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Instead of putting up your Christmas tree, why not transform your house plants into this year’s version of the Christmas tree. You’ll just have to add a few Christmas decors and some lighting to make it look great. You’ll save time from having to remove dust from your Christmas tree stocked away from a year.

Achieving a new look for your home this Christmas is possible in a day and on a budget. Follow these tips and enjoy the rest of your time preparing for surprises you’ll shower love ones with this coming Christmas.


St. Patrick Day Celebrations Do’s and Don’ts — November 18, 2016

St. Patrick Day Celebrations Do’s and Don’ts

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most loved celebrations not only in Ireland but in the Americas as well as places in Australia. However, some dreams of experiencing it first hand and oftentimes includes celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin in their ultimate wish lists and bucket lists. However, celebrating it in a new or unfamiliar city like Dublin can be too overwhelming for some, and can sometimes experience embarrassing interactions with locals.


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This guide will help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Sydney or even in other places across the globe.

Do stay for more than one day

When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a specific city especially in Ireland, it is advisable to stay longer than a day. Arrive ahead of the scheduled parades to be able to familiarize yourself with the area and get the chance to discover the other beauties of the place that may take a step back and go unnoticed on the actual day of the celebration. Extending your stay also allows you to see more of Ireland or the city you are in after the busy crowd and the celebrations.

Know the basics of the city you are staying


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Knowing where the restaurants are, banks, public transportation and a few tourist attractions will save you time from having to go around looking for a specific establishment. If travelling to a country with a different language, be sure to know a few of the language as well.

Do dress in green but do not go overboard

Everyone is practically wearing green during the festivities of St. Patrick to avoid bad luck. Most of them are also holding a pint of Guinness in their hand and will most likely commit a dozen faux pas before Sunday lunch is consumed. However, it would not be advisable to paint your whole body with green or arrive in a sexy leprechaun costume. Wear something comfortable yet festive to be able to fit in with the crowd. St. Patrick’s Day costumes can also be easily bought online.


Green accessories, glittered hats and flamboyant make-up will help complete your St. Patrick’s Day look. You might want to check Pinterest and YouTube for make-up tutorials and accessories that you can use for St. Patrick’s Day. If you do not have the time to create a costume or accessory for the event, you might want to check Parties Online Australia to see their range of costumes and accessories perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.


Backyard Campouts: The Perfect Nighttime Activity — November 1, 2016

Backyard Campouts: The Perfect Nighttime Activity

Every year, kids and teens alike look forward to heading out to their local campgrounds. Camping in the great outdoors is a great experience for the young and old especially for families. However, not everyone is able to go to campsites or rent a caravan to go into the wilderness and enjoy some time close to nature. You might want to consider camping in your own backyard. You may very well find this activity as equally fun as camping outdoors, especially on a clear evening.

forevevr ago.jpg

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Although camping in your backyard may not seem glamorous, it can be a fun and exciting adventure.  In fact, it is an adventure that thousands of families enjoy each year.  Backyard camping is popular for a wide variety of different reasons. One of those reasons includes the ease of camping. If you are an avid camper, it is likely that you may know all to well how hard to can be to make it to your campsite.  Not only do you have to worry about getting yourself to the campsite, but all of your supplies as well. Being close at home may also allow you to bring parties supplies to have fun during your camp out. And, imagine if you forgot anything!  In most cases, backyard camping cuts down on the hassle of most camping trips.

Backyard camping is also popular because it allows campers to camp is a safe area.  Unfortunately most campers, while camping on public grounds, are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Not only may they be unfamiliar with the land, but they may also be unfamiliar with other campers.  Unfortunately, in today’s society it is just too much of a risk for some individuals. If physical safety is a concern of yours, that concern can almost completely be eliminated with backyard camping. Not only will you know the area, but you also know who or what should be in your neighborhood.


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As previously mentioned, backyard campouts are popular among those with children, especially young children.  When it comes to camping, there are many children who are not at the right age to go.   Whether it is due to unfamiliar territory, uncomfortable sleeping spaces, or being away from what they know, there are many children that are unable to handle a camping trip.  However, as a parent, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy camping. With backyard camping, everything should workout for everybody.  Not only will be camping in the outdoors, but you will also be near your home, in case you need anything for your children.

While backyard campouts are ideal for those with small children, campouts are also fun for everyone else.  Many individuals, including adults without children, enjoy backyard camping because it is convenient, safe, and free.  Most public campgrounds, charge a fee for campers.  While this fee will vary from location to location, it can get quite expensive.

If you are interested in having a backyard campout, you will decide which supplies you will need.  Depending on your preference, you may be able to sleep in a tent or underneath the stars.  In addition to sleeping equipment, you may want to think about backyard toys, food, drinks, and snacks.

By preparing for your backyard campout, you should have everything that you need. Proper planning will also prevent you from having to go inside your home. Avoiding your home as much as possible, even though you are in the backyard, is a great way to make the most out of your backyard camping adventure.

How to Host the Best Oktoberfest Party at Home — October 18, 2016

How to Host the Best Oktoberfest Party at Home

Oktoberfest is here but unfortunately, your budget is not enough for a trip to Germany and your leave credits are not enough to allow you to enjoy the 2-week celebration. Do not fret too much because you can still enjoy and celebrate Oktoberfest, complete with the overflowing beer, the decors, music, food and the party – right at the comfort of your own homes.

If you can’t go to any Oktoberfest event, have an Oktoberfest themed party instead, right at your doorstep. This article will help you plan, set-up and enjoy one of the best Oktoberfest party outside Germany. Here are tips you can follow for that authentic Oktoberfest party right at your homes.


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There are many ready to print Oktoberfest inspired invitations you can use online. Be sure to send your invitations at least a week earlier to allow your guests to adjust their schedules. The larger the event, the more detailed your invitation should be. You can also send your invites through e-mail or through Facebook private messages.


Beer is obviously one of the most important things needed to complete your Oktoberfest party. You can easily find Oktoberfest-style beers at your local supermarket or in liquor stores. Getting a few genuine six-pack German beers is also a necessity to complete your party. You can even encourage guests to bring alcoholic drinks to have extra booze reserve for your celebration.


Pretzels and sausages are not the only food options you should consider for your own Oktoberfest party. Food is the second most important highlight of your party. A full meal would be advisable for a small crowd. Roasted chicken, barbeque, steak and burgers can also be included on your menu for everyone to enjoy protein together with beer. Have appetizers and desserts like pretzels and a German chocolate cake.



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You can opt to be in your usual attire for the party or wear Lederhosen for a genuine Oktoberfest vibe. Novelty t-shirts with Oktoberfest theme designs can also be an option.

Music and entertainment

You can watch your favorite football game episodes together with close friends as you enjoy good food and a bottle of good beer. Meaningful and fun conversations is also a great way to entertain guests. If you have kids coming along, be sure to prepare a few games for them to keep them entertained. If your budget permits, getting a local band to entertain your guests would also be a great idea. A beer drinking contest is also deemed necessary.


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You can set-up a giant tent on you yard for that authentic Oktoberfest vibe. You can also decorate your party venue with beer-shaped balloons, streamers, banners and evergreens for that uniquely Bavarian appeal. However, the most important thing is to create a welcoming and relaxing venue for your guests.

Whether you are in Germany or not, you can experience a truly entertaining and memorable Oktoberfest celebration if you spend if with the people close to your hearts.


Easy Costumes You Can Pull Off This Halloween — September 27, 2016

Easy Costumes You Can Pull Off This Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for kids and for adults as well. This is the time of the year where one can pull-off scary pranks and get away with it. With great costumes and scary tactics, one can practically enjoy and make the most out of their Halloween night.

However, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars for a costume or spend three hours doing your make-up to be able to make a hit in Halloween. The awesome looks are actually easy to recreate and you can still remain unique and set yourself apart from the usual looks this Halloween with these awesome ideas you might want to pull of this Halloween 2016.

Harley Quinn


Photo Credit:  Tumbler via Pinterest

The movie “Suicide Squad” has really made big impression this year as well as the character of Harley Quinn. She has become quite a favorite that a movie is already being planned with her biography. She also has become a favorite among cosplayers and a possible Halloween character hit for this 2016. This girl really took the challenge in recreating Harley Quinn onto herself that she managed to really look like the character. It would not be a surprise to see Harley Quinn costume props in the nearest Halloween party shop for this year. Even kids can pull-off this look.

Ghost Busters

The Ghost Busters also returned this year in the movies with woman power in mind. But of course, both genders can still pull-off this get-up for Halloween. With baggy suits that can easily be borrowed from your Dads and weird looking ghost guns, one can easily go to a party and stand out with this costume. Do not forget the green goo as an additional prop for your Ghost Busters look for this Halloween.

Harry Potter

night mode.jpg

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Harry Potter is back with the Cursed Child! So go to the nearest old tree in your area and cut off a piece of twig for your wands and then use the Dracula cloak you have been hiding under your bed for quite some time. With a new book launched under the Harry Potter series, we would definitely be seeing a lot of wizards and warlocks this coming Halloween.

Sam and Dean


Photo Credit: Overstock via Pinterest

If you have a best bud that is not into Halloween costumes but would really want to party with you this October 31st, pulling of a Sam and Dean look ala “Supernaturals” might be a nice idea. You just need to be in your boots and jeans, a shirt and a really nice jacket that looks like that of Sam and Dean and you’re ready to go. I guess you would want to at least copy the hairstyles of the brothers to avoid having to explain all night long who the two of you are during the Halloween party.

The Walking Dead Cast


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You can go moustache madness and dress up like Rick for Halloween or have an eye-patch and a cowboy hat to emulate Car for Halloween night. It would also be nice to carry around a Samurai while looking all Amazon like Michonne. The series is about to return in a few months and we must admit that the fandom has not weigh done even a bit. Be sure to inform the zombies in the party that you’re on killing-spree break for the night.

With Halloween right just around the corner, the pressure to figure out what costume to wear or whose character to pull-off is rising. Hopefully, with these tips, you might have already decided on what to do for this Halloween.

Important Tips When Decorating Your Party Cake — September 18, 2016

Important Tips When Decorating Your Party Cake

Having a party at home or in an event area is fun and entertaining. Even with all the stress and expenses that comes with the planning, no one can deny the fact that the entertainment and memories that are created during these kind of events are all worth the planning and the efforts.

One of the essential staples on a party is the birthday cake. The cake would usually go together with the theme of the party and will most likely be the center piece of the celebration plus the celebrant itself. Usually, the planner would go for cheap party supplies and would spend more for the cake and other food items for the party.

However, one can pull off creating their own cake if they have average baking skills, time and a steady hand to do the decorating. Actually, with practice, even non-professional bakers can create a cake of their own and eventually make a business or a passion project out of it.

the craftsy blog.jpg

Photo Credit: The Craftsy Blog via Pinterest

Here are some tips you can consider when decorating your party cakes.

  1. All ingredients should be at room temperature, as they will mix much better than when they are cold.
  2. Always use and electric beater when mixing the cake. You will have less lumps than if you beat it by hand.
  3. You really need a wire rack to invert and cool your cakes. Do not attempt to do this in a different way or you might end up re-doing your cakes.
  4. Trim your cake so it will sit flat. Never use this part of the cake as the top, always use the smoother side of the cake to decorate with icing.
  5. To reduce crumbling, bake your cake the day before you will be decorating it and place it in the freezer until you are ready to frost it. When you take it out frost it right away.
  6. You can purchase cake boards from any hobby or cake decorating shop. You can also cover a large piece of stiff cardboard with colored foil and use that instead.
  7. A great icing for cake decorating is Butter Cream, especially for a child’s birthday cake.
  8. Cut strips of waxed paper and place them under the unfrosted cake. When you are done with your cake decorating they will pull out easily and the cake board will not be smeared.


Photo Credit: Instagram via Pinterest

My advice is gather a list of the tips in decorating a cake from different sources and then later on compare which works for you and which doesn’t.  This way, you will be able to create a method that is really suitable with what you can do.

Tips on Throwing an Authentic Mexican Party — August 26, 2016

Tips on Throwing an Authentic Mexican Party

Enjoy a laid-back, south of the border inspired party bash right at the comfort of your home on a strict budget with these authentic Mexican party ideas and tips from our blog. There is really something fun and festive with the fiesta vibe that Mexican parties have. Enjoy a weekend of fun, Mexican music and entertainment, inspired from the south as you enjoy and host a fun and buzz worthy Mexican party.

Mystique Party Rentals.jpg

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Prepare the Mexican Scene

When it comes to Mexican party decorations, you should never worry about clashing. Mexican celebrations are all about bold colors like hot pink, lime, aqua, dark blue and red. Even the menu offers a bight celebration and clash of colors you will truly enjoy. Many party stores like Parties Online Australia offers inexpensive Mexican-themed papers and decoration that will help you transform your home into a truly Mexican feast.

If you wish to keep the casual mood for the old folks especially when dining starts, you can forget about color coordinating your items and concentrate with an assortment of glasses and plates with festively printed Mexican inspired confetti and décor.

Party City

Photo Credit: Party City via Pinterest

Mexican dishes

Food is another thing that makes the Mexican party scene a truly festive event. As you start with the party, be ready to serve finger foods like Quesadillas, chips and the authentic Mexican guacamole to start the party. Match it together with lemonade and sorbet margaritas to truly infuse the crowd with the southern party spirit. You can even have a plate of each item placed in each of your tables not just as an appetizer for your guests but a décor for your tables as well.

Soups and starters

Kiss of the festivities and prepare your guests to munch on a truly authentic Mexican cuisine by serving cool cucumber soup together with your cheese quesadillas and guacamole chips. Tacos are a great starter as well for this kind of festivities. You can also set up a Burrito bar where guests can help themselves in creating their own Burrito. You would not have to worry about vegetarian guests or guests that are not into dairy if you allow them to whip their own Burrito of choice. You can keep your tortillas warm by wrapping them in a kitchen towel.


Photo Credit: Paper and Party Love via Pinterest

Festive drinks

You can serve fruity lemonades for your guests and have lime sorbet margaritas available for adults. Have some chocolate treats available for your guests as well. You can pull off serving Mexican S’mores together with pink lemonade to keep your guests hydrated.

The best part of the party is by having Mexican festive music together with your friends and families on this special Mexican party over the weekend.

Affordable Ideas for Your Hawaiian Party — August 21, 2016

Affordable Ideas for Your Hawaiian Party

Summer can be extended all year round. Check out the weather report and enjoy a weekend of party and fun by having a Luau party at home. You can bring the tropics to your yard and throw a budget Hawaiian luau party. Make it extra special without breaking your budget by having affordable decorations and accessories as well as fun costumes and decorations that will complete your Aloha experience.


Photo Credit: Any Given Party via Pinterest

Luau Party Decorations

Help guests get in the mood of your Hawaiian party by decorating your places with inexpensive flip-flops and faux tropical flowers. You can also consider giving these flip-flops as your party favors give away. Have them ready at the reception area so that your guests can instantly feel the tropical vibe as they enter the party venue. Decorate the rest of your party venue with colorful paper flowers, green plants and paper plates. Have a few inflatable pinata’s and coconut trees as well to complete the Hawaiian vibe.

You can also place homemade totem poles as center pieces on your tables to introduce the Tiki ambiance to your guests while they enjoy a great meal. Have a photo boot prepared at an area in your party venue where flowers and Hawaiian props are available.

Hawaiian party food

Delight your guest with dishes that are light on the budget like tropical fruits, smoked fish and grilled meat as well as a grilled hotdogs and the like. You can even ask your guests to go potluck and bring food items that can be grilled at the party venue. Prepare tropical drinks as well like coconut juice, pineapple juices and other refreshing tropical juices you have in mind. You can have them fresh or you can buy powdered flavored drinks for your juices.

The Gunny Sack

Photo Credit: The Gunny Sack via Pinterest

Light up the night

Extend your party all through the night and have interesting and fun lights to make your venue colorful and bright. Cover recycled glass jars with colorful corrugated cardboard to make tiki-themed lanterns of have green miniature Hawaiian skirts hung around your night lamps. A few floating candles on the pool side would make the view as nice and as close to the beach as possible. Match the mood with Hawaiian inspired music for your guests to enjoy a night of dancing and fun.

Lena Gallo.jpg

Photo Credit: Lena Gallo via Pinterest

Throwing a Hawaiian party does not have to be as costly as you think it should be. With a few drinks and sufficient food, great music, a nice venue and supportive friends surrounding you, any party would definitely be a success.