I have a 5-year-old nephew that is about to get his own room.  He’s very excited at the prospect and quite determined to put his own personal stamp on the decorating process.  I like to listen to him explain why certain things must be certain ways; it’s an entertaining and charming view of the world through his eyes.  I listened when he shared his decorating ideas, and this is what he taught me so far.

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Photo Credit: Home Decor via Pinterest

  1. You should use your favorite color a lot (if you like pink or green or red, don’t be afraid to use it as much as you can).
  2. If you don’t like a color, don’t use it (doesn’t matter what anyone says is popular, if you don’t like it, don’t use it).
  3. You need room to put all your good stuff out where you can see it and play with it (don’t store your treasures away, display them). You can even include party supplies in your room décor if you feel that it has a significant meaning or an important memory attached to it.
  4. When you get tired of something, hide it somewhere, and then when you find it again, you won’t be tired of it anymore (rotate your treasures so you can admire and enjoy them equally).
  5. Moms like fancy pillows. Kids don’t unless they can throw them, and then you get in trouble (decorate a room for the person living there)
  6. You should be able to push your cars on the wall without messing up the paint (buy good washable paint).
  7. What’s wrong with jumping on the furniture (what’s wrong with jumping on the furniture)? There isn’t as long as the rest of the room is kid safe and corners are properly protected with corner guards in the event of falling or accidents.
  8. You need to have a light by the door that you can turn on to check for monsters at night (good lighting is very important).
  9. Flashlights are cool and you need someplace to put one where you can always find it if you remember to put it back (organized storage is effective if you use it).
  10. If you put too much stuff in your closet, you don’t have room to sit on the floor with your flashlight and hide (plan for all uses and don’t overstuff the closet).


Photo Credit: Neatorama via Pinterest

Changing your mind about the look of your room is natural. You can try to experiment every now and then but try to avoid big changes like changing the wall painting too often. If a certain change does not require too much effort or is kind to the budget, you can also do it as you please. These are very good ideas in decorating a room as well as in contemplating with life. I am now considering jumping on our bed every so often or as necessary.