Consider Getting A Party Planner’s Help for Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Bash — April 28, 2015

Consider Getting A Party Planner’s Help for Organizing Your Child’s Birthday Bash

So your child’s birthday is coming up and you want to give her the best birthday party ever. However, because of your hectic schedule at work you can’t even find time to organize it. Well, if you really can’t squeeze in any time to plan your child’s party, why not hire a professional party planner to take care of it? I know I always say I’m an advocate of organizing your own family parties. However, if you simply have no time to take care of it, no one will make you feel guilty for getting outside help to organize your child’s birthday bash.

Photo credit: ND Strupler via Flickr
Photo credit: ND Strupler via Flickr

Here are some of the advantages of engaging the services of expert party organizers:


You envision how you want your kid’s party to be, but you just don’t know how to execute that vision and make it happen. By hiring the pros, they can make into reality what you have in mind as far as how you want your child’s birthday bash to be. They know exactly how to put together the idea you have in mind and where to get the supplies for it. They may even throw in suggestions of their own if you don’t have any idea for the theme of the event.

Great time-saver

Putting together a birthday bash will surely steal a lot of time from your schedule. You’d have to spend a lot of time talking to online and/or ‘offline’ vendors for various party needs. If you hire a party planner, they will just present to you a list of suppliers and even venues (if you don’t intend to hold the event at home) and all you need do is choose.

Minimize stress

To say that organizing a kid’s party is challenging would be an understatement. It is certainly no picnic, and it requires not only time but tons of energy to take care of many aspects. If you have a hired party planner, you don’t have to literally lose sleep just thinking what to do next or if you’ll be able to pull off such a stressful task.

Venue management

Whether you’re planning to hold the party at home or somewhere else, you don’t have to worry anymore about what to do and how to do it. The professional party organizer you’ll hire will handle all the details of the event since it will have onsite staff to manage everything for you. This aspect is especially helpful during those times when something unexpected comes up. You can expect them to take care of hiccups.

Of course, you can still chip in your own time and energy in all the planning. It is, after all, your own child’s birthday celebration. You can take care of buying little things like party favors or even choosing the balloons to get. Planning a superhero Batman party? Or maybe a princess-themed one? Whatever you decide on, there’s a lot of items you can choose from at Parties Online site.

Questions to Answer When Organizing A Birthday Party — April 24, 2015

Questions to Answer When Organizing A Birthday Party

Celebrations will always be us. Whether it’s about commemorating an anniversary or honoring achievers, we always find time to pay tribute to successes and milestones by way of parties or other celebratory social gatherings. Some people even plan these events for months or even years. Organizing a party is exciting as it is challenging (and sometimes stressful), depending on factors like how the big event is in terms of the number of people attending and what’s at stake. A corporate event may make or break a company’s image or corporate identity, so a lot of time, energy, and resources are usually put in to make the event a success.

Photo credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs via Flickr
Photo credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs via Flickr

Even if the event you’re organizing is a simple birthday bash, it would still involve good planning and lots of creativity. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure that all the bases are covered in terms of planning a birthday party (this list is not arranged according to priority):

How many guests are expected to attend?

Determining the number of people that is going to grace the occasion is one of the major aspects in holding a successful party. Your decision on how much food you’re going to prepare and the size of the event venue will be based on how many or how few are expected to be there at the party.

When is the event?

Even though common sense dictates that the party will be held on the day of one’s birthday itself, you still have to consider the availability of the guests you’re going to invite. People are usually free from their work or school commitments during weekends, so it would be ideal to hold the event on a Saturday or a Sunday. Additionally, be sure to inform your expected guests at least two or three weeks before the event day so they will have enough time not only to organize their schedule, but also in confirming their attendance.

What type of birthday is it going to be?

A party is more exciting if it has a theme. If it’s a children’s party, there are tons of theme ideas out there — from superheroes to cartoon characters. Be sure to inform the guests if they need to come in their costume and what type of costume they should wear. When purchasing party supplies, be sure to get those that also complement the theme you have. For party supplies Perth or Australia-wide, you can check out items at

What is my budget?

You may have everything figured as far as how your party will turn out to be, but you may not have the funds to finance it. Always work within the available budget you have. As long as you know how to maximize the resources you have, you can still pull off a great party even when you have to resort to austere spending.

Where should the event be held?

The venue is another major aspect to consider. Holding the party at home may give you savings since you don’t have to pay for venue rental fees, but you will have to deal with the arduous task of tidying up after the event. Renting a facility, although an added expense, frees you the burden of cleaning up after the party.

If you can provide answers to these questions, you’re on your way to organizing a birthday party that’s headed for success.

Questions to Consider When Looking for Online Party Suppliers — April 20, 2015

Questions to Consider When Looking for Online Party Suppliers

Getting a party organized is not as easy as it sounds. You will need a reliable event supplies provider for an event that guests can’t help but talk about in awe. With the right party supplier, you can obtain everything you need for that special event in a convenient way.


Weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, kids’ parties, costume parties, welcoming parties, send-off parties, graduation parties, baby showers and all other events require the best decors, accessories and similar supplies. The success of such events is highly attributed to, among other things, the quality and kind of items that are practically making the celebrations happen.

In this regard, it is only fitting for you, as the party host or organizer, to find the best party suppliers to partner with. You simply cannot settle for one that does not have most, if not all, of the things you will need to make that dream event come to life. From balloons to bottles of wine, get the best items from top-rated party suppliers online.

When scouring the Internet for your party suppliers online shops, there are certain factors you will want to consider before deciding to bookmark them as your go-to provider. Many online provider claims to have the best, the most affordable and the most complete supplies but you simply cannot take their word for it.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask when evaluating your options:

Does the party supplies online shop have the basic items you need?

First of all, your one-stop party supplies online shop should demonstrate dependability in terms of inventory of stocks. Check out their website and try to inquire about certain items. The competent online shop will be able to give you what you need, and even present you with other options that they, as party experts, may find more suitable or interesting.

Can your online supplier provide you not only with product diversity but also exceptional items?

Talking about comprehensive party supply varieties, settle for online party suppliers offering some rare finds. You will want a unique event, which also means showcasing a great deal of the stuff people won’t find everywhere. Prefer the provider that can turn your party into an exceptional occasion with hard-to-find supplies.

Does the online shop provide you with easy access to your needs?

It can be frustrating to be trapped in a seemingly endless maze when navigating through a website. When looking for the right party supplies store on the Internet, go for the website with a user-friendly interface that makes the product hunt easy. You do not waste precious time doing this all day.

Are the shipping and delivery terms fair and favorable to you as the customer?

When you are choosing your online party supplies source, it is a prudent practice to pay attention to their terms of delivery. Settle for no less than the obligation-free delivery deals, particularly for your wholesale purchases. Needless to say, you want convenience and affordability rolled into one especially when planning a party.

Will you not run out of funds shopping from your online events supplier?

You can find lots of quality party items everywhere, but they are not always affordable. Search for suppliers of party supplies kids and other needs with the best bargains and discounts.  However, remember that no matter how great the deals are, there is no way for you to be content with a party supplier that does not look after its customer’s needs, any time of day.

If you are in for a party organizing task that entails you to get no less than the best of supplies, partner only with the finest providers in the industry that live up to your expectations. Find a great online shop and grab your chance to make your event a happy and successful one that people will remember.

A 4-Season Birthday Party for Your Teen-to-Be — April 14, 2015

A 4-Season Birthday Party for Your Teen-to-Be

One of the things that worry parents is when their children start to get into their adolescent stage. This is usually the stage in one’s life that’s very fragile as they are somewhere between a child and an adult. Even pop star Britney Spears sang about the same dilemma with her song ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.’ It’s that period when one starts to search about her identity and find something to belong in.

Photo credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs via Flickr

If your child is about to be a teen soon, you can plan a party for her that’s symbolic but fun. One of the things you can do is to have a four seasons-themed party. How can you pull it off? Here are some suggestions:

Ask the guests to wear 4 outfits during the bash

This doesn’t mean, though, that they have to change all the pieces they wear every time the ‘seasons’ change. They can wear a sort of a base outfit and just add or take off certain pieces or accessories to match a certain season.

Print backdrop tarpaulins

Since you’ll be having all four seasons on one occasion, you need to a have a changing backdrop for the event as well. You can start with an autumn scenery as the guests arrive. Once they start getting comfortable, you can then change it into winter. Midway through it, you can change the background to spring, and finally, as the party begins to wind up, you can change the ‘scenery’ to summer.

Foods have to change, too

Of course, if seasons change, the type of food you’re going to serve also goes with it. This means you will prepare four sets of light meals, nothing hearty so your guests can taste all of them. Think ice cream for summer, soup for winter — you got the idea.

Change the decorations to match the season

You have to be creative in coming up with decorations that will match the change of season. Go to a party shop that sells decorations, especially one that gives you an array of choices for all the four seasons. I highly recommend browsing party supplies via

Prepare 4 types of party souvenirs

You want your guests to take home with them something that will make them remember your unique event, so you can also prepare four souvenir sets to match all the seasons. The souvenirs don’t have to be ornate or expensive. Small boxes with a little season souvenir in it will do.

This type of party will surely entail a lot of planning and preparation, so make sure you enlist the help of a few hands to help you out with it. You can also get your soon-to-be teen involved so she can be also be part of it. That would make her feel the true meaning of this very crucial coming of age stage in her life.