Summer can be extended all year round. Check out the weather report and enjoy a weekend of party and fun by having a Luau party at home. You can bring the tropics to your yard and throw a budget Hawaiian luau party. Make it extra special without breaking your budget by having affordable decorations and accessories as well as fun costumes and decorations that will complete your Aloha experience.


Photo Credit: Any Given Party via Pinterest

Luau Party Decorations

Help guests get in the mood of your Hawaiian party by decorating your places with inexpensive flip-flops and faux tropical flowers. You can also consider giving these flip-flops as your party favors give away. Have them ready at the reception area so that your guests can instantly feel the tropical vibe as they enter the party venue. Decorate the rest of your party venue with colorful paper flowers, green plants and paper plates. Have a few inflatable pinata’s and coconut trees as well to complete the Hawaiian vibe.

You can also place homemade totem poles as center pieces on your tables to introduce the Tiki ambiance to your guests while they enjoy a great meal. Have a photo boot prepared at an area in your party venue where flowers and Hawaiian props are available.

Hawaiian party food

Delight your guest with dishes that are light on the budget like tropical fruits, smoked fish and grilled meat as well as a grilled hotdogs and the like. You can even ask your guests to go potluck and bring food items that can be grilled at the party venue. Prepare tropical drinks as well like coconut juice, pineapple juices and other refreshing tropical juices you have in mind. You can have them fresh or you can buy powdered flavored drinks for your juices.

The Gunny Sack

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Light up the night

Extend your party all through the night and have interesting and fun lights to make your venue colorful and bright. Cover recycled glass jars with colorful corrugated cardboard to make tiki-themed lanterns of have green miniature Hawaiian skirts hung around your night lamps. A few floating candles on the pool side would make the view as nice and as close to the beach as possible. Match the mood with Hawaiian inspired music for your guests to enjoy a night of dancing and fun.

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Photo Credit: Lena Gallo via Pinterest

Throwing a Hawaiian party does not have to be as costly as you think it should be. With a few drinks and sufficient food, great music, a nice venue and supportive friends surrounding you, any party would definitely be a success.