A Look on the Authentic Hawaiian Luau Party — August 2, 2016

A Look on the Authentic Hawaiian Luau Party

No Hawaiian vacation would be complete without attending a luau.  The word luau really just means a party or a celebration.  Typically in ancient Hawaiian culture luaus were given to celebrate the birth of a child or a wedding.  These days the word luau has become a household name all across the United States. When we think of a luau today, we think of those cheap plastic lays and those silly plastic tiki cups.  Oh, but a luau is so much more.  In Hawaii there are two basic types of luau.  The first type closely resembles that of the original type of luau.  This is a private gathering of friends and family for a celebration.  This post will definitely help you in having more Hawaiian Luau party ideas.

haawaii drive tips.jpg

Photo Credit: Hawaii Drive Tips via Pinterest

The second type of luau is a commercial luau open to the public and what we tourists typically visit.  While in the state of Hawaii there will be many different luaus to choose from.  They are basically all the same, with a few different high points.  Arriving guests are greeted with a fresh flower leu.  The entertainment is usually choreographed and top notch, complete with hula dancers and fire eaters.  Sometimes the guests provide some of the entertainment themselves.  It’s always fun watching grown men wear hula skirts and try to learn this complicated dance.    There are different options for food and drink as well.  I myself prefer the open bar type.  The food is usually a buffet, consisting of a roasted pig or perhaps some sort of roast beef, rice, and of course the Hawaiian staple…pineapple.

I have to mention some of the best known luaus and those with the best reputation.  While in Maui, the Old Lahaina Luau is the one not to be missed.  This is the most authentic Luau on the island.  The hula dancers are superb and the food is of the highest quality.  The other luaus available in Maui are usually done at the resorts and lack the realism of Old Lahaina.  Because of it’s popularity, the Old Lahaina Luau does require reservations.  In fact, I would recommend that you make your reservations before you even leave for Hawaii.

While visiting the big island, again there are a plethora of options to choose from.  Kona seems to be a popular town for the luau.  King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel offers a Luau with a shell lei greeting, and a torch lighting ceremony.  Check with the hotel for luau days.  On the mornings of luaus spectators can watch the hotel staff bury the pig in the sand and begin roasting.

The island of Kaui offers a couple of luau’s of its own.  Both the Radisson Kauai Beach Resort and the Kilohana Plantation have nice luaus complete with open bars, fire eaters and of course, hula dancers.

Whichever island or islands you choose to visit while in Hawaii, a Hawaiian luau is a must.  Whether the gorgeous hula girls are your thing (scantily clad Polynesian dancers for the ladies) or you are just there for the food, a luau is sure to please.

A Party Planner’s Guide to the Best 4th of July Celebration Ever — July 29, 2016

A Party Planner’s Guide to the Best 4th of July Celebration Ever

Throwing a 4th of July party has always been a common practice for most households. If you would want to do something extra special for this year, throwing an awesome party can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your family.


Photo Credit: Sugababies via Pinterest

The celebration of this event goes as far as the late sixteenth century. Parades, festivals, feasts and fun are the common ways on how this event was celebrated. Today, celebrating this event can go as grand as a whole community even in your town or a simple BBQ party at home. However, it would really be a great experience to celebrate the event together with the whole community while enjoying fireworks at the local community park.

The first thing to decide on is to whether host a big 4th of July party for the whole community or a simple one at the comfort of your home together with your immediate family. It might sound great to enjoy a picnic at the local park but other families might be spending their day in there too. You can always celebrate at home or in any venue and then later on watch the fireworks at night.

Decorating is the most fun part of the party beside food and the party itself. Simply decorate your home with red, white and patriotic blue balloons and ribbons to make the place look festive. Your plates, cups and napkins can also go with the Independence Day party theme as well. The most important decor would be the American flag to show patriotism. A large one on your front porch or garage would look appropriate too.

As for the menu, the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, corn on the cob and potato salad would definitely keep your family and your guests full the whole time. You might even consider having a barbeque. As for desert, red and blue Jell-o would look and taste great for the occasion as well as a white, red and blue cake.

Music is also a very important aspect of the party. Do now forget to mix the modern danceable music with a few traditional patriotic American tunes like “America is beautiful and ‘The Stars and Stripes”. Take as much photos as you can during the day time so that you’ll be more focused with enjoying the fireworks in the community at night.

The most important thing to consider during this holiday is to spend time, quality time with the family and your loved ones. This is also the time to reflect and appreciate the independence that we all enjoy in our country.

Best Beers Around the World for Oktoberfest — June 27, 2016

Best Beers Around the World for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest. Photo credit: Club Transatlântico via Flickr

Oktoberfest is celebrated in several places around the world but originates in Germany. The celebration that can last for a day to three weeks is one of the most anticipated events in the year where guests ad tourists can choose from a huge list of places to go and an even bigger list of beers they can enjoy in Germany and other place where the celebration is hosted.

Streets are often closed and decorated with Party Supplies Online’s Oktoberfest party accessories to make the party even more vibrant and entertaining. Entertainment offered by different artists and great food that goes well with your favorite beer are just some of the things to look forward to in this event. Here, on the other hand, is a list of the best beers you should try for this Oktoberfest season.

Marzen and Festbiers are some of the favorite beers in Munich, Germany. You can still enjoy this flavorful and much wanted beer even if you’re not in Germany to enjoy the true Bavarian Oktoberfest experience. This type of beer is brewed during the summer but kept in large cold storages to be able to be brewed effectively. This allows the beer to maintain is alcohol content and stability against the summer heat. It is full-bodied, malty, toaty and dark copper in hue with a slightly greater alcohol content than other beers. It’s an ideal beer perfect for the fall season.

Aying Marzens is also one of the beer types to look forward to this coming Oktoberfest. It originates from the Ayinger Brewery in Aying that is a known for its best Oktoberfest beers. It has a golden tint with a little bit of amber and has an aroma that offers a balance of slightly sweet malt. It tastes like caramel and nutty malt with a perfect pitch that that fights the lingering sweetness of the beer. Its moderate alcohol content is not overpowering and is the perfect drink for a plate of sausage and sauerkraut.

Oktoberfest beer. Photo credit: 5chw4r7z via Flickr

Pilsner malt, Willamette and Tettnang hops from Ninkasi are a group of beer from Ninkasi brewing you’ll definitely enjoy this coming Oktoberfest. The beer is a copper-colored beer with 4 different malts that has a sweet toasts flavor that finishes with a dry feel – a sign of its finesse brewing courtesy of the brewhouse.

Marzen from Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a beer fermented in stainless teel, not oka, which is the usual process done with beers. It is also mixed with Vienna malts along with German Hallertau hops to bring balance to its flavor. This brew is richer, full-bodied and hoppier than most beers. It also comes with frothy white head.

Enjoy beer at its finest in Germany or even at the comfort of your homes by bringing home a case or a barrel of oak filled with one of these best beers from around the world.

Fun Programs You Can Include in Your Next Party — June 21, 2016

Fun Programs You Can Include in Your Next Party

Photo credit: Asja Boroš via Flickr
Photo credit: Asja Boroš via Flickr

Parties are a great way to gather your friends, sit down and bond and catch up with each other’s life. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy good food together and bond over a passion you all enjoy love doing. Playing is just as important to kids as it is for adults. It is a time to escape from the usual things that you do and loosen up to enjoy reliving memories of your time as a kid or your time with friends.

But before you try to include these fun programs for your next party, prepare your party supplies Melbourne via Parties Online to add color and more fun into your party venue.


Charades are perfect ice breakers you can use to loosen up your guests and feel comfortable in your party. This classic game can be twisted into something fun and creative by including a new rule – No Talking! Simply divide your guest into two teams and have your pre-written secret phrases in a bowl or box ready for the game, In alternating turns, the team representative will act out the clue without talking or making any kind of sound as his team members shout to try out guesses. Everyone will definitely feel comfortable after the end of the game.

Photo credit: Derek E-Jay via Flickr
Photo credit: Derek E-Jay via Flickr

Singing Contest

Get your vocal codes ready for a more fun game as soon as your guests have already managed to ease themselves and feel more comfortable. This game requires fast thinking and good singing skills for the extra fun. Divide the team into two, a different team from the one you have created earlier and have one representative choose a word. The word can be pooled from a prelisted list of words you have prepared earlier for the party. The team will have one minute to think as many songs as they can containing the word in the lyrics. After a minute, each team member takes turn to sing a song including the word. The team with the most number of valid songs after the competition wins.


Your pop culture knowledge will not be tested with this fun game. Again, a pool of list of names of popular celebrities in music, sports and entertainment must be prepared beforehand. You will need two groups for this game. Each team member takes turn in re-enacting or describing, in action and with no words clues that are related to the celebrity. His team mates on the other hand will try their luck in guessing. Team with the most number of guessed celebrity wins.

These games can be adapted with kids as well. Simply change your lists into simple and objects or personalities that kids can relate, too.


Simple and Affordable Party Decoration Ideas for Your Parties — May 26, 2016

Simple and Affordable Party Decoration Ideas for Your Parties

Parties, for children, especially during their birthdays are one of the most anticipated events in their lives. Some kids love the attention, some on the other hand simple enjoys spending time with their friends and families during this special day in their lives.

During these events, parents are busy with the task of fulfilling their child’s dream celebration. To some, throwing a party that their children would deeply appreciate add up to their achievement as parents. Exerting effort and finding time to prepare for this celebration may be stressful and costly. However, there are ways on how one can decorate with creativity and flair, minus the cost.

Here are some inexpensive ideas you can try on your next party decorating needs.

Decorate with balloons

Balloons are always present in a party. They are cheap and can be bought anywhere. There are also many ideas you can do with balloons to make your party venue look stunning and colorful. Simply buy balloons in a bulk and creatively attach them to your chairs, tables or go as far as creating a balloon wall for your celebrant. Helium balloons are also a party favor staple, but with bigger kids as your guests, you can settle for non-helium ones to save cost.

trucs et Bricolages.jpg

Photo Credit: Trucs et Bricolages via Pinterest

Party Bon Bons

Bon bons are usually used during Christmas but there are already prints that can be used for birthday parties as well. They can be twisted and hanged above your doors, windows, entry ways, tents and even at the edge of your party tables. They are cheap and one roll can last long to cover up a large area. You can also go for glittered ones to add sparkle in your venue.


Pinatas are not just for party games but can be used as decorations as well. Have several small piñatas win candies or one big one that you can use as the centerpiece for your party venue. The fun that piñatas bring during game play at a party is also worth the effort. It wouldn’t hurt your budget buying one or even two for your party as well.


Photo Credit: Flickr via Pinterest

Face and body paint

Kids and even adults would love to have face paint every now and then, especially the kids. A set would only cost you around $3-$5. You would not have to hire an artist at all because simple designs would do well for face paint and body paint decors. To make it even memorable, have your camera phones ready to take a souvenir picture and send them to your guests parents together with a thank you e-mail afterwards.

Parties need not be extravagant. As long as the birthday celebrant feels special and your guests well-fed and entertained, you can definitely claim your birthday preparation efforts a success.

Why Décor is Essential During Halloween — May 19, 2016

Why Décor is Essential During Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year where I can scare kids for free! Joking aside, what I love about Halloweens is the chance of being creative and showcasing my talent when it comes to decorating our home and our yard.

However, do we really have to decorate during Halloween? How did this originated? I feel the need to explain why such practice is present before detailing on what I plan to do to scare kids and adults alike this coming Halloween. Here is a brief history on why Halloween decoration pieces became an annual fall ritual during Halloween.


Photo Credit: Easyday via Pinterest

Decorating for Halloween goes as far as a thousand year. However, it was not always fun and entertaining. There is indeed a spooky side in history on why we decorate for this specific occasion. Halloween is the end of the summer festival Samhain. During this period the ancient Celtic people honored gods and goddesses of the harvest by holding such events. This is the time wherein people show gratitude for a bountiful harvest to the gods. The celebration included a feast and a lot of dancing. Animal sacrifices were also a staple during these events. However, the Samhain is also a time for darkness, fear and spooky superstitions. The soul of the dead returns to life during this period and would mingle discretely among the living.

Villagers who had no idea on who they might be lingering with would take necessary precautions to prevent themselves from being disturbed by these spirits. Lanterns with frightening faces are cut into the flesh of turnips and are even used as lanterns by villagers to light their path as they attend the Samhain festival. These scary lanterns are believed to be used to cast bad spirits away and the dangers that they may inflict in the living. Others would go as far as wearing masks of animal skins and other frightening disguises to ward themselves against the evil spirits. They believe that looking scary may make spirits think that they too are already part of the other world.

1001 Pallets.jpg

Photo Credit: 1001 Pallets via Pinterest

Whether these stories are true or not, frightening masks and lanterns managed to become decorations, and not the original spirit protectors that they were designed and created for. Nowadays, decors for Halloween can go from scary to terrifying to child friendly to creatively fun and entertaining. It is all up to you on how you would want to decorate.

However, for me, I would rather stick with the scary and frightening to protect my home from the creatures of the dark lurking in the shadows during this once dreadful season. Kidding! I just enjoy scaring kids minus the guilt during this time of the year.

Easy Homemade Mexican Costume Ideas — April 28, 2016

Easy Homemade Mexican Costume Ideas

A Mexican party can be simply described as a fun, musical and colorful one. It offers a lot of colors, great food and danceable music for all Mexican and Mexican at heart. Personally, what I love the most are the costumes that kids and adults wear during this kind of party.

There are many Mexican costumes available online like the ones from Parties Online. However, for the budget conscious ones, you can still opt to create a costume from scratch or update the earlier ones that you had in the past to save a few dollars when dressing up for these occasions. With Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo both landing on a Tuesday this year, there are practically several Mexican parties hitting town. Be prepared to enjoy the food and embrace the fun while flaunting your DIY Mexican inspired costumes without the financial guilt.

The Mexican Moustache

One can simply create the iconic Mexican Mustache by drawing it on a cardboard with black. Up the ante of your creativity by adding cotton or fibers dabbed in black ink to make it look more realistic. You can even use old wigs, cut them off and style it to look like a Mexican mustache. It will definitely complete your Mexican vibe even with a simple shirt and pants on.


Photo Credit: indulgy.com via Pinterest

The Mexican Dress

Mexican dresses for women are full of color and flair. You can either go with the simple one tone look or the colorful one that will definitely be as equally fun. Decorate your white shirt and skirt with colorful laces in green, red, blue and violet hues to make it look even more vibrant. You can even go with a two piece set if you would want to be in something sexy. Just remember to decorate the hem of our dress with a lot of colors because this is what most women Mexican dresses looks like.

The Mexican Poncho

Mexican men on the other men must look macho at all times even during parties because this is what they are known for. As for their DIY party look, one can simply get a colorful fabric and have it folded in half where they can put a hole. This is where their head goes. A Mexican hat or sombrero would go well with this colorful attire. The sombrero can be decorated with fabrics of vibrant colors as well.

Nahualli Estudio.jpg

Photo Credit: Nahuallia Estudio via Pinterest

The Mexican Lucha Libre

Mexicans love wrestling. Why not go “sporty” and emit the champion spirit of the Lucha Libre. All you need is a red cape, a red pair of tight pants and a colorful mask. Do not worry about the belly or the feeling of being too exposed. It would be a refreshing and surprising costume you can definitely pull off in your Mexican party. It is also a perfect excuse to be a little bit more macho during the party.

If you still see yourself confused with what to wear, you can simply grab a colorful shirt, a faded pair of jeans and your old guitar to fit in the crowd while enjoying this year’s Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo all rolled into one.

Dress Up Tips for a Hawaiian Party — April 16, 2016

Dress Up Tips for a Hawaiian Party

Aloha! You are about to attend a Hawaiian party. As much as you want to get excited, you are a bit anxious just because you don’t have an idea how to dress up on such. We are sure you don’t want to go there with the conventional grass skirt and coconut bra. Well, don’t fret anymore. We shall give you some practical tips on how you can look fabulous on your Luau party without breaking your bank accounts. Are you ready for this?


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Choose Light and Bright Fabrics

Imagine yourself going to the beach. You wouldn’t wear your sneakers and thick jackets right? For ladies, you can get your maxi floral dress. For guys, you can now wear your khaki or board shorts. Imagine that you are in a tropical island. The main objective is to look refreshing and feel refreshing the whole time in the party. It would rather be uncomfortable to walk around with a big head dress during the party. Go light and have fun.

Get the Best Footwear 

It’s about time that you ditch your heels and your leather shoes just for this event. You can choose comfortable sandals to go with your light clothes. Make sure you cleaned your feet. Otherwise, it will ruin your entire look. Comfort is also one of the most important aspects to consider for this accessory, and an excuse to wear your favorite flip flops in a party.

Ashley Bryant.jpg

Photo Credit: Ashley Bryant via Pinterest

Look Natural

For ladies, try not to have a full makeup with your eyelash extensions and the likes. Go for simpler look, something which is dewy and fresh. A simple hairdo should do the trick as well. Tie your hair up if it is too sunny to feel lighter. Beach waves would definitely look great with your floral ensemble.

Learn How to Accessorize

And of course, learn how to accessorize. You can make your own necklace, bracelet or anklet. Or perhaps, your pearl earrings should do you just good.

Most importantly, don’t forget to flash your pearly whites. After all, nothing beats the best accessory – which is a genuine smile. We hope we were able to help you get fresh ideas on how you can look your best for your next Hawaiian party. Just check what’s inside your closet first before you rush to the nearest mall to buy a brand new wardrobe.

Decorating with Balloons — March 31, 2016

Decorating with Balloons

Decorations are the life of a party. Most people love decorating with balloons. It is fast, easy, fun and affordable too. What’s great about decorating with balloons is that they can used to decorate in any kind of party possible. It can be used in themed parties, wedding, festivals, events and birthday parties. Balloons also comes in different colors and sizes making it a versatile decorative element you can include in any event or celebration.

Beautiful balloons are also very impressive to use and can create both simple and dramatic visual impacts in your venues. Guests and celebrants will definitely feel a fantastic vibe with venues transformed with balloons. There are also many balloon accessories online that works well in exploring the beauty of decorating with balloons. The bonus of being an affordable décor is a plus. Decorating with balloons also allows you to put your own creative touch in every celebration or party you decorate for.

Here are some balloon decorating ideas you can try out for your next party.

Photo Credit: Not on the High Street via Pinterest

Jars with decorative balloons

Sweet treats are becoming a favorite party favor giveaway for most children parties. Oreo cheesecakes, mud pies and other sweet tooth treats are neatly placed inside mason jars and are given as take home for parties. Add a simple token of gratitude by attaching a balloon on the lid of the jar. This would be a great decorative piece you can have at your party table.

Golf tee balloon garden

Make use of your Dad’s golf tees by placing them on your lawn and tying colorful balloons on them. An afternoon outdoor party will definitely look great with these simple yet colorful décor pieces on your lawn.

DIY Balloon wreath

Noticed you had too many balloon stocked on your drawers? Simply gather them all and string them together with a needle and thread. Attach it to a sturdy circular wood or wires and attach your stringed balloons to create a wreath. This is a genius way to welcome your party guests right immediately right at your door step.

Ice cream cone balloons

Ice cream is another favorite staple in kiddie parties. Go the extra mile and decorate your venue with ice cream comes too. Simple attach a cone or craft paper at the bottom of your helium balloons to create floating ice cream cone decorations. You can even glue a few ribbons or colored paper onto your balloons to look like ice cream toppings.

Balloon wall

the wedding chicks.jpg
Photo Credit: The Wedding Chicks via Pinterest

Tape or weight down balloons into different heights to create a wall full of balloons. You can use this to create separate spaces in a large party area or as a background of the hosting stage of the party. This is also a great are where your guests can later on take souvenir pictures.

Balloons on goody bags

Kids love goody bags as much as they love balloons. Ensure that no kids go home without both by tying a balloon onto your goody bags. It would be advisable to use the same color for each goody bag to avoid color battles when giving them away to your guests.

There are many other ways to decorate with balloons. Your creativity is your limit.

How to Throw a Successful Mexican Party — March 27, 2016

How to Throw a Successful Mexican Party

Salsa, Mexican music and a lot of dancing are just some of the few things that I love about Mexican parties. Every now and then, I make sure to host one, just for the sake of fun, together with my close friends. Luckily, I have managed to attend a few authentic Mexican parties, right at the origin of the fun, Mexico, giving me an insight of how a true Mexican party should be thrown.

Here are some of the important aspects and party essentials that you should consider when hosting your own Mexican party.

Layer it with colors

Photo Credit: Happy Thought via Pinterest

Starting with the costumes up to the dip for your chips and tacos, multi-layering is a common feature in Mexican parties. Decorate your tables with multi-layered dips for guacamole, salsa, sour cream, onions, coriander and cheese not just only for a authentic Mexican palette treat but as an eye catching design for your buffet table. Require your guests to bring a Mexican hats and wear bold colorful designed outfit for the complete Mexican vibe in your venue.

Pinata Party Cakes

A Mexican Party would be incomplete without a Pinata. Bring the fun to the table and enjoy a delicious and colorful Pinata cake together with friends. Bake two cakes and hollow them out to fill one with cholocates and colorful treats. Pipe icing and then cover it with the other cake. Decorate with bright bold colors just like how a Mexican party should look like.

Props and costumes for pictures

Photo Credit: Beaux and Belles via Pinterest

Mexican costumes will definitely complete your Mexican party. Green, white and red props like maracas, guitars, masks and sombreros are perfect props for your souvenir pictures in the party. Everyone will definitely be having fun dressing up and taking pictures like mariachis.

Grill the BBQ

Photo Credit: Paper and Party Love via Pinterest

BBQs are another staple every Mexican party should have. It would be advisable to marinade your barbeque a day before the event for a more mouthwatering flavor. You can even ask your guest to bring their own styled BBQ and have a mini-contest on who’s barbeque is the best.

Margaritas and Lollies

Make margaritas even more interesting with pre-sliced watermelon wedges and cubes. Kids on the other hand can enjoy skewered lollipop sticks of melon slices for a fruity treat.

The Party playlist

Prepare a selection of Mexican party music to keep the vibe of the party alive and kicking. Get everybody in the mood for a fiesta with Mexican music on your party background.

Have fun and enjoy the festivities a Mexican party offers by throwing one in your backyard, together with friends this weekend!