How to Host the Best Oktoberfest Party at Home — October 18, 2016

How to Host the Best Oktoberfest Party at Home

Oktoberfest is here but unfortunately, your budget is not enough for a trip to Germany and your leave credits are not enough to allow you to enjoy the 2-week celebration. Do not fret too much because you can still enjoy and celebrate Oktoberfest, complete with the overflowing beer, the decors, music, food and the party – right at the comfort of your own homes.

If you can’t go to any Oktoberfest event, have an Oktoberfest themed party instead, right at your doorstep. This article will help you plan, set-up and enjoy one of the best Oktoberfest party outside Germany. Here are tips you can follow for that authentic Oktoberfest party right at your homes.


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There are many ready to print Oktoberfest inspired invitations you can use online. Be sure to send your invitations at least a week earlier to allow your guests to adjust their schedules. The larger the event, the more detailed your invitation should be. You can also send your invites through e-mail or through Facebook private messages.


Beer is obviously one of the most important things needed to complete your Oktoberfest party. You can easily find Oktoberfest-style beers at your local supermarket or in liquor stores. Getting a few genuine six-pack German beers is also a necessity to complete your party. You can even encourage guests to bring alcoholic drinks to have extra booze reserve for your celebration.


Pretzels and sausages are not the only food options you should consider for your own Oktoberfest party. Food is the second most important highlight of your party. A full meal would be advisable for a small crowd. Roasted chicken, barbeque, steak and burgers can also be included on your menu for everyone to enjoy protein together with beer. Have appetizers and desserts like pretzels and a German chocolate cake.



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You can opt to be in your usual attire for the party or wear Lederhosen for a genuine Oktoberfest vibe. Novelty t-shirts with Oktoberfest theme designs can also be an option.

Music and entertainment

You can watch your favorite football game episodes together with close friends as you enjoy good food and a bottle of good beer. Meaningful and fun conversations is also a great way to entertain guests. If you have kids coming along, be sure to prepare a few games for them to keep them entertained. If your budget permits, getting a local band to entertain your guests would also be a great idea. A beer drinking contest is also deemed necessary.


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You can set-up a giant tent on you yard for that authentic Oktoberfest vibe. You can also decorate your party venue with beer-shaped balloons, streamers, banners and evergreens for that uniquely Bavarian appeal. However, the most important thing is to create a welcoming and relaxing venue for your guests.

Whether you are in Germany or not, you can experience a truly entertaining and memorable Oktoberfest celebration if you spend if with the people close to your hearts.