Enjoy a laid-back, south of the border inspired party bash right at the comfort of your home on a strict budget with these authentic Mexican party ideas and tips from our blog. There is really something fun and festive with the fiesta vibe that Mexican parties have. Enjoy a weekend of fun, Mexican music and entertainment, inspired from the south as you enjoy and host a fun and buzz worthy Mexican party.

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Prepare the Mexican Scene

When it comes to Mexican party decorations, you should never worry about clashing. Mexican celebrations are all about bold colors like hot pink, lime, aqua, dark blue and red. Even the menu offers a bight celebration and clash of colors you will truly enjoy. Many party stores like Parties Online Australia offers inexpensive Mexican-themed papers and decoration that will help you transform your home into a truly Mexican feast.

If you wish to keep the casual mood for the old folks especially when dining starts, you can forget about color coordinating your items and concentrate with an assortment of glasses and plates with festively printed Mexican inspired confetti and décor.

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Mexican dishes

Food is another thing that makes the Mexican party scene a truly festive event. As you start with the party, be ready to serve finger foods like Quesadillas, chips and the authentic Mexican guacamole to start the party. Match it together with lemonade and sorbet margaritas to truly infuse the crowd with the southern party spirit. You can even have a plate of each item placed in each of your tables not just as an appetizer for your guests but a décor for your tables as well.

Soups and starters

Kiss of the festivities and prepare your guests to munch on a truly authentic Mexican cuisine by serving cool cucumber soup together with your cheese quesadillas and guacamole chips. Tacos are a great starter as well for this kind of festivities. You can also set up a Burrito bar where guests can help themselves in creating their own Burrito. You would not have to worry about vegetarian guests or guests that are not into dairy if you allow them to whip their own Burrito of choice. You can keep your tortillas warm by wrapping them in a kitchen towel.


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Festive drinks

You can serve fruity lemonades for your guests and have lime sorbet margaritas available for adults. Have some chocolate treats available for your guests as well. You can pull off serving Mexican S’mores together with pink lemonade to keep your guests hydrated.

The best part of the party is by having Mexican festive music together with your friends and families on this special Mexican party over the weekend.