Tips on Throwing an Authentic Mexican Party — August 26, 2016

Tips on Throwing an Authentic Mexican Party

Enjoy a laid-back, south of the border inspired party bash right at the comfort of your home on a strict budget with these authentic Mexican party ideas and tips from our blog. There is really something fun and festive with the fiesta vibe that Mexican parties have. Enjoy a weekend of fun, Mexican music and entertainment, inspired from the south as you enjoy and host a fun and buzz worthy Mexican party.

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Prepare the Mexican Scene

When it comes to Mexican party decorations, you should never worry about clashing. Mexican celebrations are all about bold colors like hot pink, lime, aqua, dark blue and red. Even the menu offers a bight celebration and clash of colors you will truly enjoy. Many party stores like Parties Online Australia offers inexpensive Mexican-themed papers and decoration that will help you transform your home into a truly Mexican feast.

If you wish to keep the casual mood for the old folks especially when dining starts, you can forget about color coordinating your items and concentrate with an assortment of glasses and plates with festively printed Mexican inspired confetti and décor.

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Mexican dishes

Food is another thing that makes the Mexican party scene a truly festive event. As you start with the party, be ready to serve finger foods like Quesadillas, chips and the authentic Mexican guacamole to start the party. Match it together with lemonade and sorbet margaritas to truly infuse the crowd with the southern party spirit. You can even have a plate of each item placed in each of your tables not just as an appetizer for your guests but a décor for your tables as well.

Soups and starters

Kiss of the festivities and prepare your guests to munch on a truly authentic Mexican cuisine by serving cool cucumber soup together with your cheese quesadillas and guacamole chips. Tacos are a great starter as well for this kind of festivities. You can also set up a Burrito bar where guests can help themselves in creating their own Burrito. You would not have to worry about vegetarian guests or guests that are not into dairy if you allow them to whip their own Burrito of choice. You can keep your tortillas warm by wrapping them in a kitchen towel.


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Festive drinks

You can serve fruity lemonades for your guests and have lime sorbet margaritas available for adults. Have some chocolate treats available for your guests as well. You can pull off serving Mexican S’mores together with pink lemonade to keep your guests hydrated.

The best part of the party is by having Mexican festive music together with your friends and families on this special Mexican party over the weekend.

Affordable Ideas for Your Hawaiian Party — August 21, 2016

Affordable Ideas for Your Hawaiian Party

Summer can be extended all year round. Check out the weather report and enjoy a weekend of party and fun by having a Luau party at home. You can bring the tropics to your yard and throw a budget Hawaiian luau party. Make it extra special without breaking your budget by having affordable decorations and accessories as well as fun costumes and decorations that will complete your Aloha experience.


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Luau Party Decorations

Help guests get in the mood of your Hawaiian party by decorating your places with inexpensive flip-flops and faux tropical flowers. You can also consider giving these flip-flops as your party favors give away. Have them ready at the reception area so that your guests can instantly feel the tropical vibe as they enter the party venue. Decorate the rest of your party venue with colorful paper flowers, green plants and paper plates. Have a few inflatable pinata’s and coconut trees as well to complete the Hawaiian vibe.

You can also place homemade totem poles as center pieces on your tables to introduce the Tiki ambiance to your guests while they enjoy a great meal. Have a photo boot prepared at an area in your party venue where flowers and Hawaiian props are available.

Hawaiian party food

Delight your guest with dishes that are light on the budget like tropical fruits, smoked fish and grilled meat as well as a grilled hotdogs and the like. You can even ask your guests to go potluck and bring food items that can be grilled at the party venue. Prepare tropical drinks as well like coconut juice, pineapple juices and other refreshing tropical juices you have in mind. You can have them fresh or you can buy powdered flavored drinks for your juices.

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Light up the night

Extend your party all through the night and have interesting and fun lights to make your venue colorful and bright. Cover recycled glass jars with colorful corrugated cardboard to make tiki-themed lanterns of have green miniature Hawaiian skirts hung around your night lamps. A few floating candles on the pool side would make the view as nice and as close to the beach as possible. Match the mood with Hawaiian inspired music for your guests to enjoy a night of dancing and fun.

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Throwing a Hawaiian party does not have to be as costly as you think it should be. With a few drinks and sufficient food, great music, a nice venue and supportive friends surrounding you, any party would definitely be a success.


A Look on the Authentic Hawaiian Luau Party — August 2, 2016

A Look on the Authentic Hawaiian Luau Party

No Hawaiian vacation would be complete without attending a luau.  The word luau really just means a party or a celebration.  Typically in ancient Hawaiian culture luaus were given to celebrate the birth of a child or a wedding.  These days the word luau has become a household name all across the United States. When we think of a luau today, we think of those cheap plastic lays and those silly plastic tiki cups.  Oh, but a luau is so much more.  In Hawaii there are two basic types of luau.  The first type closely resembles that of the original type of luau.  This is a private gathering of friends and family for a celebration.  This post will definitely help you in having more Hawaiian Luau party ideas.

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The second type of luau is a commercial luau open to the public and what we tourists typically visit.  While in the state of Hawaii there will be many different luaus to choose from.  They are basically all the same, with a few different high points.  Arriving guests are greeted with a fresh flower leu.  The entertainment is usually choreographed and top notch, complete with hula dancers and fire eaters.  Sometimes the guests provide some of the entertainment themselves.  It’s always fun watching grown men wear hula skirts and try to learn this complicated dance.    There are different options for food and drink as well.  I myself prefer the open bar type.  The food is usually a buffet, consisting of a roasted pig or perhaps some sort of roast beef, rice, and of course the Hawaiian staple…pineapple.

I have to mention some of the best known luaus and those with the best reputation.  While in Maui, the Old Lahaina Luau is the one not to be missed.  This is the most authentic Luau on the island.  The hula dancers are superb and the food is of the highest quality.  The other luaus available in Maui are usually done at the resorts and lack the realism of Old Lahaina.  Because of it’s popularity, the Old Lahaina Luau does require reservations.  In fact, I would recommend that you make your reservations before you even leave for Hawaii.

While visiting the big island, again there are a plethora of options to choose from.  Kona seems to be a popular town for the luau.  King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel offers a Luau with a shell lei greeting, and a torch lighting ceremony.  Check with the hotel for luau days.  On the mornings of luaus spectators can watch the hotel staff bury the pig in the sand and begin roasting.

The island of Kaui offers a couple of luau’s of its own.  Both the Radisson Kauai Beach Resort and the Kilohana Plantation have nice luaus complete with open bars, fire eaters and of course, hula dancers.

Whichever island or islands you choose to visit while in Hawaii, a Hawaiian luau is a must.  Whether the gorgeous hula girls are your thing (scantily clad Polynesian dancers for the ladies) or you are just there for the food, a luau is sure to please.