If you haven’t started to put up Christmas decorations by now, you should start to panic a little. Christmas is just three weeks away and there are still so many things to do. Besides decorating your home, your office and the neighborhood for that festive ambiance this coming holiday season, completing your Christmas list and wrapping it up without the kids noticing what’s waiting for them on Christmas present opening time can be quite stressful by now.

However, you still have time to put up those decorations without having to spend so much on buying new and expensive ones by doings things simple and some in DIY. DIY seems to be a bad idea with just 20+ days before Christmas celebration, but if you’ll really put you’re hear into it, you can actually decorate your home and your outdoors with Christmas décor pieces, bon bons and other sparkly things over the weekend and dedicate the rest of the week in completing your Christmas gift list.


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Here are some ways on how to get affordable decorations for your home and finish putting them up in no time.

Find time to explore dollar stores for cheap and easy to put up décor. This can be a set of pillow cases for your living room sofa. A few snow-man candles for your fireplace and unique vintage Christmas symbols as decorative centerpieces for your living room table and the dining table as well.

Add metallic bon bons and garlands around your fireplace and railings. Metallic garlands in red, green, silver and gold can easily add an interesting light and ambiance in your homes. You simply stick it or wrap it around in your allotted areas and you’re done.

Be creative in setting up your table by using mini Christmas stockings as organizers for your dining utensils. You can even slip a Santa inspired cover for your dining table chairs.

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You can make use of your Mason jars and old glass jars by placing battery operated Christmas lights inside them. This would instantly upgrade the festive look in your homes without denting your wallets.

Stack Christmas balls on a fruit bowl or pedestal to create a unique and interesting centerpiece. An electronic candle in the middle would look so great as well.


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Instead of putting up your Christmas tree, why not transform your house plants into this year’s version of the Christmas tree. You’ll just have to add a few Christmas decors and some lighting to make it look great. You’ll save time from having to remove dust from your Christmas tree stocked away from a year.

Achieving a new look for your home this Christmas is possible in a day and on a budget. Follow these tips and enjoy the rest of your time preparing for surprises you’ll shower love ones with this coming Christmas.