Having a party at home or in an event area is fun and entertaining. Even with all the stress and expenses that comes with the planning, no one can deny the fact that the entertainment and memories that are created during these kind of events are all worth the planning and the efforts.

One of the essential staples on a party is the birthday cake. The cake would usually go together with the theme of the party and will most likely be the center piece of the celebration plus the celebrant itself. Usually, the planner would go for cheap party supplies and would spend more for the cake and other food items for the party.

However, one can pull off creating their own cake if they have average baking skills, time and a steady hand to do the decorating. Actually, with practice, even non-professional bakers can create a cake of their own and eventually make a business or a passion project out of it.

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Photo Credit: The Craftsy Blog via Pinterest

Here are some tips you can consider when decorating your party cakes.

  1. All ingredients should be at room temperature, as they will mix much better than when they are cold.
  2. Always use and electric beater when mixing the cake. You will have less lumps than if you beat it by hand.
  3. You really need a wire rack to invert and cool your cakes. Do not attempt to do this in a different way or you might end up re-doing your cakes.
  4. Trim your cake so it will sit flat. Never use this part of the cake as the top, always use the smoother side of the cake to decorate with icing.
  5. To reduce crumbling, bake your cake the day before you will be decorating it and place it in the freezer until you are ready to frost it. When you take it out frost it right away.
  6. You can purchase cake boards from any hobby or cake decorating shop. You can also cover a large piece of stiff cardboard with colored foil and use that instead.
  7. A great icing for cake decorating is Butter Cream, especially for a child’s birthday cake.
  8. Cut strips of waxed paper and place them under the unfrosted cake. When you are done with your cake decorating they will pull out easily and the cake board will not be smeared.


Photo Credit: Instagram via Pinterest

My advice is gather a list of the tips in decorating a cake from different sources and then later on compare which works for you and which doesn’t.  This way, you will be able to create a method that is really suitable with what you can do.