Easy Costumes You Can Pull Off This Halloween — September 27, 2016

Easy Costumes You Can Pull Off This Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for kids and for adults as well. This is the time of the year where one can pull-off scary pranks and get away with it. With great costumes and scary tactics, one can practically enjoy and make the most out of their Halloween night.

However, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars for a costume or spend three hours doing your make-up to be able to make a hit in Halloween. The awesome looks are actually easy to recreate and you can still remain unique and set yourself apart from the usual looks this Halloween with these awesome ideas you might want to pull of this Halloween 2016.

Harley Quinn


Photo Credit:  Tumbler via Pinterest

The movie “Suicide Squad” has really made big impression this year as well as the character of Harley Quinn. She has become quite a favorite that a movie is already being planned with her biography. She also has become a favorite among cosplayers and a possible Halloween character hit for this 2016. This girl really took the challenge in recreating Harley Quinn onto herself that she managed to really look like the character. It would not be a surprise to see Harley Quinn costume props in the nearest Halloween party shop for this year. Even kids can pull-off this look.

Ghost Busters

The Ghost Busters also returned this year in the movies with woman power in mind. But of course, both genders can still pull-off this get-up for Halloween. With baggy suits that can easily be borrowed from your Dads and weird looking ghost guns, one can easily go to a party and stand out with this costume. Do not forget the green goo as an additional prop for your Ghost Busters look for this Halloween.

Harry Potter

night mode.jpg

Photo Credit: Night Mode via Pinterest

Harry Potter is back with the Cursed Child! So go to the nearest old tree in your area and cut off a piece of twig for your wands and then use the Dracula cloak you have been hiding under your bed for quite some time. With a new book launched under the Harry Potter series, we would definitely be seeing a lot of wizards and warlocks this coming Halloween.

Sam and Dean


Photo Credit: Overstock via Pinterest

If you have a best bud that is not into Halloween costumes but would really want to party with you this October 31st, pulling of a Sam and Dean look ala “Supernaturals” might be a nice idea. You just need to be in your boots and jeans, a shirt and a really nice jacket that looks like that of Sam and Dean and you’re ready to go. I guess you would want to at least copy the hairstyles of the brothers to avoid having to explain all night long who the two of you are during the Halloween party.

The Walking Dead Cast


Photo Credit: Tumbler via Pinterest

You can go moustache madness and dress up like Rick for Halloween or have an eye-patch and a cowboy hat to emulate Car for Halloween night. It would also be nice to carry around a Samurai while looking all Amazon like Michonne. The series is about to return in a few months and we must admit that the fandom has not weigh done even a bit. Be sure to inform the zombies in the party that you’re on killing-spree break for the night.

With Halloween right just around the corner, the pressure to figure out what costume to wear or whose character to pull-off is rising. Hopefully, with these tips, you might have already decided on what to do for this Halloween.

Easy Homemade Mexican Costume Ideas — April 28, 2016

Easy Homemade Mexican Costume Ideas

A Mexican party can be simply described as a fun, musical and colorful one. It offers a lot of colors, great food and danceable music for all Mexican and Mexican at heart. Personally, what I love the most are the costumes that kids and adults wear during this kind of party.

There are many Mexican costumes available online like the ones from Parties Online. However, for the budget conscious ones, you can still opt to create a costume from scratch or update the earlier ones that you had in the past to save a few dollars when dressing up for these occasions. With Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo both landing on a Tuesday this year, there are practically several Mexican parties hitting town. Be prepared to enjoy the food and embrace the fun while flaunting your DIY Mexican inspired costumes without the financial guilt.

The Mexican Moustache

One can simply create the iconic Mexican Mustache by drawing it on a cardboard with black. Up the ante of your creativity by adding cotton or fibers dabbed in black ink to make it look more realistic. You can even use old wigs, cut them off and style it to look like a Mexican mustache. It will definitely complete your Mexican vibe even with a simple shirt and pants on.


Photo Credit: indulgy.com via Pinterest

The Mexican Dress

Mexican dresses for women are full of color and flair. You can either go with the simple one tone look or the colorful one that will definitely be as equally fun. Decorate your white shirt and skirt with colorful laces in green, red, blue and violet hues to make it look even more vibrant. You can even go with a two piece set if you would want to be in something sexy. Just remember to decorate the hem of our dress with a lot of colors because this is what most women Mexican dresses looks like.

The Mexican Poncho

Mexican men on the other men must look macho at all times even during parties because this is what they are known for. As for their DIY party look, one can simply get a colorful fabric and have it folded in half where they can put a hole. This is where their head goes. A Mexican hat or sombrero would go well with this colorful attire. The sombrero can be decorated with fabrics of vibrant colors as well.

Nahualli Estudio.jpg

Photo Credit: Nahuallia Estudio via Pinterest

The Mexican Lucha Libre

Mexicans love wrestling. Why not go “sporty” and emit the champion spirit of the Lucha Libre. All you need is a red cape, a red pair of tight pants and a colorful mask. Do not worry about the belly or the feeling of being too exposed. It would be a refreshing and surprising costume you can definitely pull off in your Mexican party. It is also a perfect excuse to be a little bit more macho during the party.

If you still see yourself confused with what to wear, you can simply grab a colorful shirt, a faded pair of jeans and your old guitar to fit in the crowd while enjoying this year’s Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo all rolled into one.

Dress Up Tips for a Hawaiian Party — April 16, 2016

Dress Up Tips for a Hawaiian Party

Aloha! You are about to attend a Hawaiian party. As much as you want to get excited, you are a bit anxious just because you don’t have an idea how to dress up on such. We are sure you don’t want to go there with the conventional grass skirt and coconut bra. Well, don’t fret anymore. We shall give you some practical tips on how you can look fabulous on your Luau party without breaking your bank accounts. Are you ready for this?


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Choose Light and Bright Fabrics

Imagine yourself going to the beach. You wouldn’t wear your sneakers and thick jackets right? For ladies, you can get your maxi floral dress. For guys, you can now wear your khaki or board shorts. Imagine that you are in a tropical island. The main objective is to look refreshing and feel refreshing the whole time in the party. It would rather be uncomfortable to walk around with a big head dress during the party. Go light and have fun.

Get the Best Footwear 

It’s about time that you ditch your heels and your leather shoes just for this event. You can choose comfortable sandals to go with your light clothes. Make sure you cleaned your feet. Otherwise, it will ruin your entire look. Comfort is also one of the most important aspects to consider for this accessory, and an excuse to wear your favorite flip flops in a party.

Ashley Bryant.jpg

Photo Credit: Ashley Bryant via Pinterest

Look Natural

For ladies, try not to have a full makeup with your eyelash extensions and the likes. Go for simpler look, something which is dewy and fresh. A simple hairdo should do the trick as well. Tie your hair up if it is too sunny to feel lighter. Beach waves would definitely look great with your floral ensemble.

Learn How to Accessorize

And of course, learn how to accessorize. You can make your own necklace, bracelet or anklet. Or perhaps, your pearl earrings should do you just good.

Most importantly, don’t forget to flash your pearly whites. After all, nothing beats the best accessory – which is a genuine smile. We hope we were able to help you get fresh ideas on how you can look your best for your next Hawaiian party. Just check what’s inside your closet first before you rush to the nearest mall to buy a brand new wardrobe.

How to Dress Up for a Masquerade Ball — March 24, 2016

How to Dress Up for a Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls can be traced back as far as the 15th century. Every one hoped to be invited into one where they arrive in lavish dresses and intricate masks. Nowadays, masquerade balls are still popular but not as frequent as it was before back in the days. Masquerade balls are not just for Halloween, for some consider dressing up magnificently in costumes even in formal occasions. Some even host this kinds of party just for an excuse of having fun.

So how do you actually dress up for a masquerade ball? Here are some ideas you can try to be in your best costume at your next masquerade ball.

Photo Credit: Polyvore via Pinterest

The Dress

The dress is most likely a gown or a pair of outfit for men that took inspiration from the 15th century era. Fancy would be the perfect term one can use to describe the look of your outfit. There will be a lot of old medieval prints with laces and petticoats for women. The corset top is also a common look for dresses in this theme. Men on the other hand should adapt the old Englishmen look with long sleeved tops with long tuxedo cuts at the back and pants paired with long English boots. Colors for men outfit are either leaning on the light ones or the dark ones, never in between.

The Mask

Masquerade ball masks are a staple for this kind of parties. A great mask is sometimes really required to complete the look for your masquerade attire. There are so many options to choose from and you can even easily make your own. Simply but a plain white mask on your local bookstore and decorate it with gems, rhinestones, sequins and feathers of your choice. Party supply stores like Parties Online on the other hand have readily available masquerade ball masks for your choosing. Or if you do not feel like wearing a mask, you can use make-up or face paint to draw a mask directly onto your face.

Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

The Shoes

Neutral colors such as black and white are the most often used shade when it comes to shoes for a masquerade ball attire. Just make sure that your shoes match your dress. Women can actually get away with any kind of shoe for such parties since most masquerade ball dresses are of long length. However, to complete the look, one can still dress up and match their shoes accordingly. Heels can be a good choice for women, but you can still go for flats to stay comfortable especially if you plan to do a lot of dancing in the party.

Practicality in mind, it would be advisable to get shoes that can be used for other party themes as well. Your dress on the other hand can be rented or bought from specialty dress stores if your budget permits. Masquerade masks are great bedroom accessories on the other hand once your done with them at the party.

Fancy Dressing In Parties: The Do’s and Dont’s — March 18, 2016

Fancy Dressing In Parties: The Do’s and Dont’s

Dressing fancy in party can be taken into different levels. You can go as formal or dress fancy, something the young generation enjoys doing especially once they step into their university years. The problem is that there are certain rules when it comes to dressing up fancy for different occasions at school or even outside the university. Dressing fancy at work has its do’s and dont’s as well. Luckily, we have provided you a list of tips to do when it comes to nailing fancy dressing in any party you can imagine.

Do attempt to make your costume from scratch

Photo Credit: meetup.com via Pinterest

Although it would be easier to get fancy dress costumes online, if your budget is restricted and your creativity in full, you can actually create a costume of your own from scratch. You can go and explore old fashion pieces from your parent’s wardrobe and add a few here and there to make it suitable for the event that you would be attending at. It can actually be fun rather than buying especially if you would put effort into it.

Don’t buy your costume fully made

If you do not know how to not know how to create a costume of your own and your parents wardrobe are far from your reach, you can opt to buy a fancy costume, but do not buy a fully made one. You are not guaranteed if you are going to use this piece of clothing ever again so it might not be wise to invest too much in a costume. You can create and improvise accessories that would go with it or stick with your favorite jeans with a costume top to go with your party outfit.

Do discuss group ideas

Photo Credit: ramblingrosestudio.com via Pinterest

You are most likely arriving at the party with a friend or with a group so having a group concept with the costume that you intend to wear for the party is a wise idea. You can dress up as Scooby and the gang or as the Walking Dead characters. It will be fun and you’ll get loads of fun preparing your costumes as well.

Do not stray away from your group

It ok to mingle with the rest of the party attendees but be sure that your “gang” is just a few feet away in case someone asks where Daryl Dixon is or Rick is.  Don’t lose your group members as soon as you arrive in the party. Stick together for a while and enjoy the party as a group. You did arrive as a group after all so you could at least enjoy as a group as well.

Do prepare in advance

Photo Credit: yandy.com via Pinterest

If you take this party and dressing up seriously, it would be better to prepare in advance. You might ran out of cloth for your DIY costume or the fancy Batman costume might go out of stock online if you do not make a move as early as possible. Do not compromise your look for the party, so be sure to plan ahead of time.

Do not go for last minute ideas

You would not be stressing out if you plan ahead of time for your fancy costume. Arriving at a party with an obviously hurriedly r=torn out shirt with dripping ketchup is definitely not cool for a party, especially in universities and at work.

Fancy costumes is actually exciting, most especially for adults who are rarely given the change to lighten up and relive the child in them. But when given the chance to do so, be sure to arrive creatively stunning.