Decorating with Balloons — March 31, 2016

Decorating with Balloons

Decorations are the life of a party. Most people love decorating with balloons. It is fast, easy, fun and affordable too. What’s great about decorating with balloons is that they can used to decorate in any kind of party possible. It can be used in themed parties, wedding, festivals, events and birthday parties. Balloons also comes in different colors and sizes making it a versatile decorative element you can include in any event or celebration.

Beautiful balloons are also very impressive to use and can create both simple and dramatic visual impacts in your venues. Guests and celebrants will definitely feel a fantastic vibe with venues transformed with balloons. There are also many balloon accessories online that works well in exploring the beauty of decorating with balloons. The bonus of being an affordable décor is a plus. Decorating with balloons also allows you to put your own creative touch in every celebration or party you decorate for.

Here are some balloon decorating ideas you can try out for your next party.

Photo Credit: Not on the High Street via Pinterest

Jars with decorative balloons

Sweet treats are becoming a favorite party favor giveaway for most children parties. Oreo cheesecakes, mud pies and other sweet tooth treats are neatly placed inside mason jars and are given as take home for parties. Add a simple token of gratitude by attaching a balloon on the lid of the jar. This would be a great decorative piece you can have at your party table.

Golf tee balloon garden

Make use of your Dad’s golf tees by placing them on your lawn and tying colorful balloons on them. An afternoon outdoor party will definitely look great with these simple yet colorful décor pieces on your lawn.

DIY Balloon wreath

Noticed you had too many balloon stocked on your drawers? Simply gather them all and string them together with a needle and thread. Attach it to a sturdy circular wood or wires and attach your stringed balloons to create a wreath. This is a genius way to welcome your party guests right immediately right at your door step.

Ice cream cone balloons

Ice cream is another favorite staple in kiddie parties. Go the extra mile and decorate your venue with ice cream comes too. Simple attach a cone or craft paper at the bottom of your helium balloons to create floating ice cream cone decorations. You can even glue a few ribbons or colored paper onto your balloons to look like ice cream toppings.

Balloon wall

the wedding chicks.jpg
Photo Credit: The Wedding Chicks via Pinterest

Tape or weight down balloons into different heights to create a wall full of balloons. You can use this to create separate spaces in a large party area or as a background of the hosting stage of the party. This is also a great are where your guests can later on take souvenir pictures.

Balloons on goody bags

Kids love goody bags as much as they love balloons. Ensure that no kids go home without both by tying a balloon onto your goody bags. It would be advisable to use the same color for each goody bag to avoid color battles when giving them away to your guests.

There are many other ways to decorate with balloons. Your creativity is your limit.

How to Throw a Successful Mexican Party — March 27, 2016

How to Throw a Successful Mexican Party

Salsa, Mexican music and a lot of dancing are just some of the few things that I love about Mexican parties. Every now and then, I make sure to host one, just for the sake of fun, together with my close friends. Luckily, I have managed to attend a few authentic Mexican parties, right at the origin of the fun, Mexico, giving me an insight of how a true Mexican party should be thrown.

Here are some of the important aspects and party essentials that you should consider when hosting your own Mexican party.

Layer it with colors

Photo Credit: Happy Thought via Pinterest

Starting with the costumes up to the dip for your chips and tacos, multi-layering is a common feature in Mexican parties. Decorate your tables with multi-layered dips for guacamole, salsa, sour cream, onions, coriander and cheese not just only for a authentic Mexican palette treat but as an eye catching design for your buffet table. Require your guests to bring a Mexican hats and wear bold colorful designed outfit for the complete Mexican vibe in your venue.

Pinata Party Cakes

A Mexican Party would be incomplete without a Pinata. Bring the fun to the table and enjoy a delicious and colorful Pinata cake together with friends. Bake two cakes and hollow them out to fill one with cholocates and colorful treats. Pipe icing and then cover it with the other cake. Decorate with bright bold colors just like how a Mexican party should look like.

Props and costumes for pictures

Photo Credit: Beaux and Belles via Pinterest

Mexican costumes will definitely complete your Mexican party. Green, white and red props like maracas, guitars, masks and sombreros are perfect props for your souvenir pictures in the party. Everyone will definitely be having fun dressing up and taking pictures like mariachis.

Grill the BBQ

Photo Credit: Paper and Party Love via Pinterest

BBQs are another staple every Mexican party should have. It would be advisable to marinade your barbeque a day before the event for a more mouthwatering flavor. You can even ask your guest to bring their own styled BBQ and have a mini-contest on who’s barbeque is the best.

Margaritas and Lollies

Make margaritas even more interesting with pre-sliced watermelon wedges and cubes. Kids on the other hand can enjoy skewered lollipop sticks of melon slices for a fruity treat.

The Party playlist

Prepare a selection of Mexican party music to keep the vibe of the party alive and kicking. Get everybody in the mood for a fiesta with Mexican music on your party background.

Have fun and enjoy the festivities a Mexican party offers by throwing one in your backyard, together with friends this weekend!

How to Dress Up for a Masquerade Ball — March 24, 2016

How to Dress Up for a Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls can be traced back as far as the 15th century. Every one hoped to be invited into one where they arrive in lavish dresses and intricate masks. Nowadays, masquerade balls are still popular but not as frequent as it was before back in the days. Masquerade balls are not just for Halloween, for some consider dressing up magnificently in costumes even in formal occasions. Some even host this kinds of party just for an excuse of having fun.

So how do you actually dress up for a masquerade ball? Here are some ideas you can try to be in your best costume at your next masquerade ball.

Photo Credit: Polyvore via Pinterest

The Dress

The dress is most likely a gown or a pair of outfit for men that took inspiration from the 15th century era. Fancy would be the perfect term one can use to describe the look of your outfit. There will be a lot of old medieval prints with laces and petticoats for women. The corset top is also a common look for dresses in this theme. Men on the other hand should adapt the old Englishmen look with long sleeved tops with long tuxedo cuts at the back and pants paired with long English boots. Colors for men outfit are either leaning on the light ones or the dark ones, never in between.

The Mask

Masquerade ball masks are a staple for this kind of parties. A great mask is sometimes really required to complete the look for your masquerade attire. There are so many options to choose from and you can even easily make your own. Simply but a plain white mask on your local bookstore and decorate it with gems, rhinestones, sequins and feathers of your choice. Party supply stores like Parties Online on the other hand have readily available masquerade ball masks for your choosing. Or if you do not feel like wearing a mask, you can use make-up or face paint to draw a mask directly onto your face.

Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

The Shoes

Neutral colors such as black and white are the most often used shade when it comes to shoes for a masquerade ball attire. Just make sure that your shoes match your dress. Women can actually get away with any kind of shoe for such parties since most masquerade ball dresses are of long length. However, to complete the look, one can still dress up and match their shoes accordingly. Heels can be a good choice for women, but you can still go for flats to stay comfortable especially if you plan to do a lot of dancing in the party.

Practicality in mind, it would be advisable to get shoes that can be used for other party themes as well. Your dress on the other hand can be rented or bought from specialty dress stores if your budget permits. Masquerade masks are great bedroom accessories on the other hand once your done with them at the party.

The After Wedding Party: Ideas and Tips — March 21, 2016

The After Wedding Party: Ideas and Tips

Weddings are such beautiful and memorable occasions to witness. Although so many emotions can build up during the one hour or less ceremony, more of the celebration continues as the bride and groom exits the church. The celebration of life and love continues at the wedding party, one of the most entertaining moments of weddings.

Here are some fun and interesting ideas and tips one can incorporate in their wedding party celebration.

wedding forward.jpg
Photo Credit: Wedding Forward via Pinterest

A Walk to Remember

Make your guest feel that they played a significant role in your love story and happy beginning by incorporating them into your wedding party décor. You can have a gallery of meaningful photos where you can hang pictures of the bride and the groom, together with their families and friends in a picture wall along the sides of your reception area. This can be a good conversation starter as well. You can get wedding party supplies online to go along with these lovely memories.

A New Way to Break the Ice

Remove the tension and the tears that fell during the wedding ceremony by skipping, dancing and hopping while entering the reception area. You can even have a prepared dance number to “Wow” the crowd and break the ice completely. This is also a great way to start the celebration with fun and more entertainment to look forward too.

wedding party.jpg
Photo Credit: Wedding Party via Pinterest

Games for all ages

Kids on the reception can get bored with all the adult stuff going on in the party. Be sure that the little tykes are also entertained during the event. You can have a small inflatable balloon were kids can play with supervision during the reception and the party. A picture booth with costumes to wear has also become a staple in most wedding parties. Include a lot of dancing and interaction among your guests when conceptualizing games to ensure that everyone would gain a friend or two after the celebration.

Be Entertaining

Have a background music playing throughout the celebration to keep the pace going for your guests. Change the mood according to the current activity to keep the vibe fun and light. You can even have small puzzles or crosswords placed on the tables to entertain guests while shifting from one part of the program to another. A live band is also a great idea especially if there are a lot of singers willing to give a song or two during the event.

Surprise Your Guests

Surprise your guests with the party favors that you are giving out. It can be a nice book that can inspire them as they go home reminiscing the good time they had during your wedding party. Chocolates for the kids, a little music box with the bride and groom dancing inside when opened. You can even share a few special gifts for the special people that helped you throughout the planning of the wedding up to the celebration like your parents, friends and even your wedding planner.

Your wedding party does not necessarily need to be as unique as possible or as grand as the others. As long as your guests are happy and the bride and groom are happy, you can consider your wedding party as a perfect one.

Fancy Dressing In Parties: The Do’s and Dont’s — March 18, 2016

Fancy Dressing In Parties: The Do’s and Dont’s

Dressing fancy in party can be taken into different levels. You can go as formal or dress fancy, something the young generation enjoys doing especially once they step into their university years. The problem is that there are certain rules when it comes to dressing up fancy for different occasions at school or even outside the university. Dressing fancy at work has its do’s and dont’s as well. Luckily, we have provided you a list of tips to do when it comes to nailing fancy dressing in any party you can imagine.

Do attempt to make your costume from scratch

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Although it would be easier to get fancy dress costumes online, if your budget is restricted and your creativity in full, you can actually create a costume of your own from scratch. You can go and explore old fashion pieces from your parent’s wardrobe and add a few here and there to make it suitable for the event that you would be attending at. It can actually be fun rather than buying especially if you would put effort into it.

Don’t buy your costume fully made

If you do not know how to not know how to create a costume of your own and your parents wardrobe are far from your reach, you can opt to buy a fancy costume, but do not buy a fully made one. You are not guaranteed if you are going to use this piece of clothing ever again so it might not be wise to invest too much in a costume. You can create and improvise accessories that would go with it or stick with your favorite jeans with a costume top to go with your party outfit.

Do discuss group ideas

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You are most likely arriving at the party with a friend or with a group so having a group concept with the costume that you intend to wear for the party is a wise idea. You can dress up as Scooby and the gang or as the Walking Dead characters. It will be fun and you’ll get loads of fun preparing your costumes as well.

Do not stray away from your group

It ok to mingle with the rest of the party attendees but be sure that your “gang” is just a few feet away in case someone asks where Daryl Dixon is or Rick is.  Don’t lose your group members as soon as you arrive in the party. Stick together for a while and enjoy the party as a group. You did arrive as a group after all so you could at least enjoy as a group as well.

Do prepare in advance

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

If you take this party and dressing up seriously, it would be better to prepare in advance. You might ran out of cloth for your DIY costume or the fancy Batman costume might go out of stock online if you do not make a move as early as possible. Do not compromise your look for the party, so be sure to plan ahead of time.

Do not go for last minute ideas

You would not be stressing out if you plan ahead of time for your fancy costume. Arriving at a party with an obviously hurriedly r=torn out shirt with dripping ketchup is definitely not cool for a party, especially in universities and at work.

Fancy costumes is actually exciting, most especially for adults who are rarely given the change to lighten up and relive the child in them. But when given the chance to do so, be sure to arrive creatively stunning.

And So I’m Back.. — March 11, 2016

And So I’m Back..

I'm back, and it feels soo good!
I’m back, and it feels soo good!

There really is a one-of-a-kind joy in celebrating birthday parties and events. I personally enjoy the laughter and the giggling sound of children whenever they spend time at parties. It feels like I am being taken back into a time when I was the child running around a party, hiding under the tables and giving my mom quite a busy and tiring day looking for me around. Being in children’s parties reminds me of my (not-so) old youth, and I want to share that experience, the way I see it now, to my readers.

They call me the event expert, the planner and the brain child behind the fun and colorful parties you’ll see and maybe attend to around our area. I really took the time to learn and challenged myself to offer something different for the people and the children who celebrate their parties around our community. Every party should be unique from the each other. I want to give nothing but the best to the children around our town. Starting from the décor, the location, costumes, the program, up to the games. I’ll give you tips and ideas on how to plan and implement a party according to your needs and budget.

This blog is also created to help mothers, fathers, parents and aspiring events and party planners out there in creating the next big party for their families, loved ones and clients. I want to be able to give them the opportunity to discover a talent that they may not even know was there. My creative ideas and dreams can also be read in-between the party planning articles that I write in this blog.

I’ve been gone for almost a year but I will always come back to one of my old loves — blogging. I’ll try my best to update this blog in-between life at home and business. Life is a party and we must party hard because we are just going thru life once. Let me share you how I party and how I make parties come alive through this blog.