Throwing a 4th of July party has always been a common practice for most households. If you would want to do something extra special for this year, throwing an awesome party can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your family.


Photo Credit: Sugababies via Pinterest

The celebration of this event goes as far as the late sixteenth century. Parades, festivals, feasts and fun are the common ways on how this event was celebrated. Today, celebrating this event can go as grand as a whole community even in your town or a simple BBQ party at home. However, it would really be a great experience to celebrate the event together with the whole community while enjoying fireworks at the local community park.

The first thing to decide on is to whether host a big 4th of July party for the whole community or a simple one at the comfort of your home together with your immediate family. It might sound great to enjoy a picnic at the local park but other families might be spending their day in there too. You can always celebrate at home or in any venue and then later on watch the fireworks at night.

Decorating is the most fun part of the party beside food and the party itself. Simply decorate your home with red, white and patriotic blue balloons and ribbons to make the place look festive. Your plates, cups and napkins can also go with the Independence Day party theme as well. The most important decor would be the American flag to show patriotism. A large one on your front porch or garage would look appropriate too.

As for the menu, the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, corn on the cob and potato salad would definitely keep your family and your guests full the whole time. You might even consider having a barbeque. As for desert, red and blue Jell-o would look and taste great for the occasion as well as a white, red and blue cake.

Music is also a very important aspect of the party. Do now forget to mix the modern danceable music with a few traditional patriotic American tunes like “America is beautiful and ‘The Stars and Stripes”. Take as much photos as you can during the day time so that you’ll be more focused with enjoying the fireworks in the community at night.

The most important thing to consider during this holiday is to spend time, quality time with the family and your loved ones. This is also the time to reflect and appreciate the independence that we all enjoy in our country.