Oktoberfest. Photo credit: Club Transatlântico via Flickr

Oktoberfest is celebrated in several places around the world but originates in Germany. The celebration that can last for a day to three weeks is one of the most anticipated events in the year where guests ad tourists can choose from a huge list of places to go and an even bigger list of beers they can enjoy in Germany and other place where the celebration is hosted.

Streets are often closed and decorated with Party Supplies Online’s Oktoberfest party accessories to make the party even more vibrant and entertaining. Entertainment offered by different artists and great food that goes well with your favorite beer are just some of the things to look forward to in this event. Here, on the other hand, is a list of the best beers you should try for this Oktoberfest season.

Marzen and Festbiers are some of the favorite beers in Munich, Germany. You can still enjoy this flavorful and much wanted beer even if you’re not in Germany to enjoy the true Bavarian Oktoberfest experience. This type of beer is brewed during the summer but kept in large cold storages to be able to be brewed effectively. This allows the beer to maintain is alcohol content and stability against the summer heat. It is full-bodied, malty, toaty and dark copper in hue with a slightly greater alcohol content than other beers. It’s an ideal beer perfect for the fall season.

Aying Marzens is also one of the beer types to look forward to this coming Oktoberfest. It originates from the Ayinger Brewery in Aying that is a known for its best Oktoberfest beers. It has a golden tint with a little bit of amber and has an aroma that offers a balance of slightly sweet malt. It tastes like caramel and nutty malt with a perfect pitch that that fights the lingering sweetness of the beer. Its moderate alcohol content is not overpowering and is the perfect drink for a plate of sausage and sauerkraut.

Oktoberfest beer. Photo credit: 5chw4r7z via Flickr

Pilsner malt, Willamette and Tettnang hops from Ninkasi are a group of beer from Ninkasi brewing you’ll definitely enjoy this coming Oktoberfest. The beer is a copper-colored beer with 4 different malts that has a sweet toasts flavor that finishes with a dry feel – a sign of its finesse brewing courtesy of the brewhouse.

Marzen from Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a beer fermented in stainless teel, not oka, which is the usual process done with beers. It is also mixed with Vienna malts along with German Hallertau hops to bring balance to its flavor. This brew is richer, full-bodied and hoppier than most beers. It also comes with frothy white head.

Enjoy beer at its finest in Germany or even at the comfort of your homes by bringing home a case or a barrel of oak filled with one of these best beers from around the world.