Photo credit: Asja Boroš via Flickr
Photo credit: Asja Boroš via Flickr

Parties are a great way to gather your friends, sit down and bond and catch up with each other’s life. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy good food together and bond over a passion you all enjoy love doing. Playing is just as important to kids as it is for adults. It is a time to escape from the usual things that you do and loosen up to enjoy reliving memories of your time as a kid or your time with friends.

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Charades are perfect ice breakers you can use to loosen up your guests and feel comfortable in your party. This classic game can be twisted into something fun and creative by including a new rule – No Talking! Simply divide your guest into two teams and have your pre-written secret phrases in a bowl or box ready for the game, In alternating turns, the team representative will act out the clue without talking or making any kind of sound as his team members shout to try out guesses. Everyone will definitely feel comfortable after the end of the game.

Photo credit: Derek E-Jay via Flickr
Photo credit: Derek E-Jay via Flickr

Singing Contest

Get your vocal codes ready for a more fun game as soon as your guests have already managed to ease themselves and feel more comfortable. This game requires fast thinking and good singing skills for the extra fun. Divide the team into two, a different team from the one you have created earlier and have one representative choose a word. The word can be pooled from a prelisted list of words you have prepared earlier for the party. The team will have one minute to think as many songs as they can containing the word in the lyrics. After a minute, each team member takes turn to sing a song including the word. The team with the most number of valid songs after the competition wins.


Your pop culture knowledge will not be tested with this fun game. Again, a pool of list of names of popular celebrities in music, sports and entertainment must be prepared beforehand. You will need two groups for this game. Each team member takes turn in re-enacting or describing, in action and with no words clues that are related to the celebrity. His team mates on the other hand will try their luck in guessing. Team with the most number of guessed celebrity wins.

These games can be adapted with kids as well. Simply change your lists into simple and objects or personalities that kids can relate, too.