Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year where I can scare kids for free! Joking aside, what I love about Halloweens is the chance of being creative and showcasing my talent when it comes to decorating our home and our yard.

However, do we really have to decorate during Halloween? How did this originated? I feel the need to explain why such practice is present before detailing on what I plan to do to scare kids and adults alike this coming Halloween. Here is a brief history on why Halloween decoration pieces became an annual fall ritual during Halloween.


Photo Credit: Easyday via Pinterest

Decorating for Halloween goes as far as a thousand year. However, it was not always fun and entertaining. There is indeed a spooky side in history on why we decorate for this specific occasion. Halloween is the end of the summer festival Samhain. During this period the ancient Celtic people honored gods and goddesses of the harvest by holding such events. This is the time wherein people show gratitude for a bountiful harvest to the gods. The celebration included a feast and a lot of dancing. Animal sacrifices were also a staple during these events. However, the Samhain is also a time for darkness, fear and spooky superstitions. The soul of the dead returns to life during this period and would mingle discretely among the living.

Villagers who had no idea on who they might be lingering with would take necessary precautions to prevent themselves from being disturbed by these spirits. Lanterns with frightening faces are cut into the flesh of turnips and are even used as lanterns by villagers to light their path as they attend the Samhain festival. These scary lanterns are believed to be used to cast bad spirits away and the dangers that they may inflict in the living. Others would go as far as wearing masks of animal skins and other frightening disguises to ward themselves against the evil spirits. They believe that looking scary may make spirits think that they too are already part of the other world.

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Whether these stories are true or not, frightening masks and lanterns managed to become decorations, and not the original spirit protectors that they were designed and created for. Nowadays, decors for Halloween can go from scary to terrifying to child friendly to creatively fun and entertaining. It is all up to you on how you would want to decorate.

However, for me, I would rather stick with the scary and frightening to protect my home from the creatures of the dark lurking in the shadows during this once dreadful season. Kidding! I just enjoy scaring kids minus the guilt during this time of the year.