A Mexican party can be simply described as a fun, musical and colorful one. It offers a lot of colors, great food and danceable music for all Mexican and Mexican at heart. Personally, what I love the most are the costumes that kids and adults wear during this kind of party.

There are many Mexican costumes available online like the ones from Parties Online. However, for the budget conscious ones, you can still opt to create a costume from scratch or update the earlier ones that you had in the past to save a few dollars when dressing up for these occasions. With Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo both landing on a Tuesday this year, there are practically several Mexican parties hitting town. Be prepared to enjoy the food and embrace the fun while flaunting your DIY Mexican inspired costumes without the financial guilt.

The Mexican Moustache

One can simply create the iconic Mexican Mustache by drawing it on a cardboard with black. Up the ante of your creativity by adding cotton or fibers dabbed in black ink to make it look more realistic. You can even use old wigs, cut them off and style it to look like a Mexican mustache. It will definitely complete your Mexican vibe even with a simple shirt and pants on.


Photo Credit: indulgy.com via Pinterest

The Mexican Dress

Mexican dresses for women are full of color and flair. You can either go with the simple one tone look or the colorful one that will definitely be as equally fun. Decorate your white shirt and skirt with colorful laces in green, red, blue and violet hues to make it look even more vibrant. You can even go with a two piece set if you would want to be in something sexy. Just remember to decorate the hem of our dress with a lot of colors because this is what most women Mexican dresses looks like.

The Mexican Poncho

Mexican men on the other men must look macho at all times even during parties because this is what they are known for. As for their DIY party look, one can simply get a colorful fabric and have it folded in half where they can put a hole. This is where their head goes. A Mexican hat or sombrero would go well with this colorful attire. The sombrero can be decorated with fabrics of vibrant colors as well.

Nahualli Estudio.jpg

Photo Credit: Nahuallia Estudio via Pinterest

The Mexican Lucha Libre

Mexicans love wrestling. Why not go “sporty” and emit the champion spirit of the Lucha Libre. All you need is a red cape, a red pair of tight pants and a colorful mask. Do not worry about the belly or the feeling of being too exposed. It would be a refreshing and surprising costume you can definitely pull off in your Mexican party. It is also a perfect excuse to be a little bit more macho during the party.

If you still see yourself confused with what to wear, you can simply grab a colorful shirt, a faded pair of jeans and your old guitar to fit in the crowd while enjoying this year’s Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo all rolled into one.