Aloha! You are about to attend a Hawaiian party. As much as you want to get excited, you are a bit anxious just because you don’t have an idea how to dress up on such. We are sure you don’t want to go there with the conventional grass skirt and coconut bra. Well, don’t fret anymore. We shall give you some practical tips on how you can look fabulous on your Luau party without breaking your bank accounts. Are you ready for this?


Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

Choose Light and Bright Fabrics

Imagine yourself going to the beach. You wouldn’t wear your sneakers and thick jackets right? For ladies, you can get your maxi floral dress. For guys, you can now wear your khaki or board shorts. Imagine that you are in a tropical island. The main objective is to look refreshing and feel refreshing the whole time in the party. It would rather be uncomfortable to walk around with a big head dress during the party. Go light and have fun.

Get the Best Footwear 

It’s about time that you ditch your heels and your leather shoes just for this event. You can choose comfortable sandals to go with your light clothes. Make sure you cleaned your feet. Otherwise, it will ruin your entire look. Comfort is also one of the most important aspects to consider for this accessory, and an excuse to wear your favorite flip flops in a party.

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Photo Credit: Ashley Bryant via Pinterest

Look Natural

For ladies, try not to have a full makeup with your eyelash extensions and the likes. Go for simpler look, something which is dewy and fresh. A simple hairdo should do the trick as well. Tie your hair up if it is too sunny to feel lighter. Beach waves would definitely look great with your floral ensemble.

Learn How to Accessorize

And of course, learn how to accessorize. You can make your own necklace, bracelet or anklet. Or perhaps, your pearl earrings should do you just good.

Most importantly, don’t forget to flash your pearly whites. After all, nothing beats the best accessory – which is a genuine smile. We hope we were able to help you get fresh ideas on how you can look your best for your next Hawaiian party. Just check what’s inside your closet first before you rush to the nearest mall to buy a brand new wardrobe.