Decorations are the life of a party. Most people love decorating with balloons. It is fast, easy, fun and affordable too. What’s great about decorating with balloons is that they can used to decorate in any kind of party possible. It can be used in themed parties, wedding, festivals, events and birthday parties. Balloons also comes in different colors and sizes making it a versatile decorative element you can include in any event or celebration.

Beautiful balloons are also very impressive to use and can create both simple and dramatic visual impacts in your venues. Guests and celebrants will definitely feel a fantastic vibe with venues transformed with balloons. There are also many balloon accessories online that works well in exploring the beauty of decorating with balloons. The bonus of being an affordable décor is a plus. Decorating with balloons also allows you to put your own creative touch in every celebration or party you decorate for.

Here are some balloon decorating ideas you can try out for your next party.

Photo Credit: Not on the High Street via Pinterest

Jars with decorative balloons

Sweet treats are becoming a favorite party favor giveaway for most children parties. Oreo cheesecakes, mud pies and other sweet tooth treats are neatly placed inside mason jars and are given as take home for parties. Add a simple token of gratitude by attaching a balloon on the lid of the jar. This would be a great decorative piece you can have at your party table.

Golf tee balloon garden

Make use of your Dad’s golf tees by placing them on your lawn and tying colorful balloons on them. An afternoon outdoor party will definitely look great with these simple yet colorful décor pieces on your lawn.

DIY Balloon wreath

Noticed you had too many balloon stocked on your drawers? Simply gather them all and string them together with a needle and thread. Attach it to a sturdy circular wood or wires and attach your stringed balloons to create a wreath. This is a genius way to welcome your party guests right immediately right at your door step.

Ice cream cone balloons

Ice cream is another favorite staple in kiddie parties. Go the extra mile and decorate your venue with ice cream comes too. Simple attach a cone or craft paper at the bottom of your helium balloons to create floating ice cream cone decorations. You can even glue a few ribbons or colored paper onto your balloons to look like ice cream toppings.

Balloon wall

the wedding chicks.jpg
Photo Credit: The Wedding Chicks via Pinterest

Tape or weight down balloons into different heights to create a wall full of balloons. You can use this to create separate spaces in a large party area or as a background of the hosting stage of the party. This is also a great are where your guests can later on take souvenir pictures.

Balloons on goody bags

Kids love goody bags as much as they love balloons. Ensure that no kids go home without both by tying a balloon onto your goody bags. It would be advisable to use the same color for each goody bag to avoid color battles when giving them away to your guests.

There are many other ways to decorate with balloons. Your creativity is your limit.