Salsa, Mexican music and a lot of dancing are just some of the few things that I love about Mexican parties. Every now and then, I make sure to host one, just for the sake of fun, together with my close friends. Luckily, I have managed to attend a few authentic Mexican parties, right at the origin of the fun, Mexico, giving me an insight of how a true Mexican party should be thrown.

Here are some of the important aspects and party essentials that you should consider when hosting your own Mexican party.

Layer it with colors

Photo Credit: Happy Thought via Pinterest

Starting with the costumes up to the dip for your chips and tacos, multi-layering is a common feature in Mexican parties. Decorate your tables with multi-layered dips for guacamole, salsa, sour cream, onions, coriander and cheese not just only for a authentic Mexican palette treat but as an eye catching design for your buffet table. Require your guests to bring a Mexican hats and wear bold colorful designed outfit for the complete Mexican vibe in your venue.

Pinata Party Cakes

A Mexican Party would be incomplete without a Pinata. Bring the fun to the table and enjoy a delicious and colorful Pinata cake together with friends. Bake two cakes and hollow them out to fill one with cholocates and colorful treats. Pipe icing and then cover it with the other cake. Decorate with bright bold colors just like how a Mexican party should look like.

Props and costumes for pictures

Photo Credit: Beaux and Belles via Pinterest

Mexican costumes will definitely complete your Mexican party. Green, white and red props like maracas, guitars, masks and sombreros are perfect props for your souvenir pictures in the party. Everyone will definitely be having fun dressing up and taking pictures like mariachis.

Grill the BBQ

Photo Credit: Paper and Party Love via Pinterest

BBQs are another staple every Mexican party should have. It would be advisable to marinade your barbeque a day before the event for a more mouthwatering flavor. You can even ask your guest to bring their own styled BBQ and have a mini-contest on who’s barbeque is the best.

Margaritas and Lollies

Make margaritas even more interesting with pre-sliced watermelon wedges and cubes. Kids on the other hand can enjoy skewered lollipop sticks of melon slices for a fruity treat.

The Party playlist

Prepare a selection of Mexican party music to keep the vibe of the party alive and kicking. Get everybody in the mood for a fiesta with Mexican music on your party background.

Have fun and enjoy the festivities a Mexican party offers by throwing one in your backyard, together with friends this weekend!