Masquerade balls can be traced back as far as the 15th century. Every one hoped to be invited into one where they arrive in lavish dresses and intricate masks. Nowadays, masquerade balls are still popular but not as frequent as it was before back in the days. Masquerade balls are not just for Halloween, for some consider dressing up magnificently in costumes even in formal occasions. Some even host this kinds of party just for an excuse of having fun.

So how do you actually dress up for a masquerade ball? Here are some ideas you can try to be in your best costume at your next masquerade ball.

Photo Credit: Polyvore via Pinterest

The Dress

The dress is most likely a gown or a pair of outfit for men that took inspiration from the 15th century era. Fancy would be the perfect term one can use to describe the look of your outfit. There will be a lot of old medieval prints with laces and petticoats for women. The corset top is also a common look for dresses in this theme. Men on the other hand should adapt the old Englishmen look with long sleeved tops with long tuxedo cuts at the back and pants paired with long English boots. Colors for men outfit are either leaning on the light ones or the dark ones, never in between.

The Mask

Masquerade ball masks are a staple for this kind of parties. A great mask is sometimes really required to complete the look for your masquerade attire. There are so many options to choose from and you can even easily make your own. Simply but a plain white mask on your local bookstore and decorate it with gems, rhinestones, sequins and feathers of your choice. Party supply stores like Parties Online on the other hand have readily available masquerade ball masks for your choosing. Or if you do not feel like wearing a mask, you can use make-up or face paint to draw a mask directly onto your face.

Photo Credit: Etsy via Pinterest

The Shoes

Neutral colors such as black and white are the most often used shade when it comes to shoes for a masquerade ball attire. Just make sure that your shoes match your dress. Women can actually get away with any kind of shoe for such parties since most masquerade ball dresses are of long length. However, to complete the look, one can still dress up and match their shoes accordingly. Heels can be a good choice for women, but you can still go for flats to stay comfortable especially if you plan to do a lot of dancing in the party.

Practicality in mind, it would be advisable to get shoes that can be used for other party themes as well. Your dress on the other hand can be rented or bought from specialty dress stores if your budget permits. Masquerade masks are great bedroom accessories on the other hand once your done with them at the party.