Weddings are such beautiful and memorable occasions to witness. Although so many emotions can build up during the one hour or less ceremony, more of the celebration continues as the bride and groom exits the church. The celebration of life and love continues at the wedding party, one of the most entertaining moments of weddings.

Here are some fun and interesting ideas and tips one can incorporate in their wedding party celebration.

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Photo Credit: Wedding Forward via Pinterest

A Walk to Remember

Make your guest feel that they played a significant role in your love story and happy beginning by incorporating them into your wedding party décor. You can have a gallery of meaningful photos where you can hang pictures of the bride and the groom, together with their families and friends in a picture wall along the sides of your reception area. This can be a good conversation starter as well. You can get wedding party supplies online to go along with these lovely memories.

A New Way to Break the Ice

Remove the tension and the tears that fell during the wedding ceremony by skipping, dancing and hopping while entering the reception area. You can even have a prepared dance number to “Wow” the crowd and break the ice completely. This is also a great way to start the celebration with fun and more entertainment to look forward too.

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Photo Credit: Wedding Party via Pinterest

Games for all ages

Kids on the reception can get bored with all the adult stuff going on in the party. Be sure that the little tykes are also entertained during the event. You can have a small inflatable balloon were kids can play with supervision during the reception and the party. A picture booth with costumes to wear has also become a staple in most wedding parties. Include a lot of dancing and interaction among your guests when conceptualizing games to ensure that everyone would gain a friend or two after the celebration.

Be Entertaining

Have a background music playing throughout the celebration to keep the pace going for your guests. Change the mood according to the current activity to keep the vibe fun and light. You can even have small puzzles or crosswords placed on the tables to entertain guests while shifting from one part of the program to another. A live band is also a great idea especially if there are a lot of singers willing to give a song or two during the event.

Surprise Your Guests

Surprise your guests with the party favors that you are giving out. It can be a nice book that can inspire them as they go home reminiscing the good time they had during your wedding party. Chocolates for the kids, a little music box with the bride and groom dancing inside when opened. You can even share a few special gifts for the special people that helped you throughout the planning of the wedding up to the celebration like your parents, friends and even your wedding planner.

Your wedding party does not necessarily need to be as unique as possible or as grand as the others. As long as your guests are happy and the bride and groom are happy, you can consider your wedding party as a perfect one.