I'm back, and it feels soo good!
I’m back, and it feels soo good!

There really is a one-of-a-kind joy in celebrating birthday parties and events. I personally enjoy the laughter and the giggling sound of children whenever they spend time at parties. It feels like I am being taken back into a time when I was the child running around a party, hiding under the tables and giving my mom quite a busy and tiring day looking for me around. Being in children’s parties reminds me of my (not-so) old youth, and I want to share that experience, the way I see it now, to my readers.

They call me the event expert, the planner and the brain child behind the fun and colorful parties you’ll see and maybe attend to around our area. I really took the time to learn and challenged myself to offer something different for the people and the children who celebrate their parties around our community. Every party should be unique from the each other. I want to give nothing but the best to the children around our town. Starting from the décor, the location, costumes, the program, up to the games. I’ll give you tips and ideas on how to plan and implement a party according to your needs and budget.

This blog is also created to help mothers, fathers, parents and aspiring events and party planners out there in creating the next big party for their families, loved ones and clients. I want to be able to give them the opportunity to discover a talent that they may not even know was there. My creative ideas and dreams can also be read in-between the party planning articles that I write in this blog.

I’ve been gone for almost a year but I will always come back to one of my old loves — blogging. I’ll try my best to update this blog in-between life at home and business. Life is a party and we must party hard because we are just going thru life once. Let me share you how I party and how I make parties come alive through this blog.