Photo credit: Bhautik Joshi via Flickr
Photo credit: Bhautik Joshi via Flickr

Costume parties are in hype these days!

Party goers, young and old alike, love attending such gatherings because it places them in a playful setting where they can simply have fun while interacting with their peers. These parties also encourage participants to be creative and resourceful as they craft their own costumes. Donning colorful clothing (as well as masks, whenever appropriate) can be a great way to make future gatherings interesting and memorable.

This idea can work for your child’s birthday celebration or even for an upcoming office event.

If you’re starting to feel convinced, allow me to share some practical pointers to make your costume party a success:

Pick a Theme

The first thing on your to-do list is to choose an appropriate theme. The beauty of costume parties is that you will have a lot of possible options. For example, you can plan a “Prehistoric Party” and require everyone to wear corresponding attire. Participants can arrive in caveman costumes – or in Flintstone-style clothing!

The recent popularity of superhero flicks has brought these spandex-clad characters back to mainstream consciousness and so hosting a “Superhero Party” can be an effective idea. Imagine your boss donning a Batman costume or your co-worker wearing Captain America’s patriotic suit. You really can’t go wrong with this fun party theme! Looking for cool costume party ideas? Head over to Party Supplies Online website for inspiration.

Inform Participants Early

Spread the word about the event at least two or three weeks in advance. This allows you to build excitement among participants plus this gives them ample time to prepare. Keep in mind that some people prefer to create their own costumes (as opposed to simply buying from the stores) that’s why it’s crucial that you inform expected guests ahead of time.

You can simply print out invitation cards and then distribute them later on, making sure that the party’s theme, venue, time, and date are all indicated.

Decorate the Party Place

Decorating your venue with the right props and accessories is crucial. Of course, the overall concept should be based on the event’s theme. For example, a “Pirate Party” will mean that you will have to fill the place with improvised ships, parrots, and treasure chests.

It all depends on how much budget is allocated for the party decors. So think out of the box and try to avoid the dangers of overspending.

Prepare Fun Activities (And Prizes, Too!)

Keep everyone entertained by preparing exciting games and activities. Consider the ages and interests of the participants as you plan the games. “Pin The Tale” and thinking of Batman party games, for instance, can be a hit among youngsters but you can always do variations of it if the players are mostly adults. Charades is another guaranteed crowd-pleaser as long as you can come up with interesting categories.

Also, be sure to prepare prizes for games winners. Give “Best in Costume” awards too to recognize the efforts of those who came with the most imaginative costumes.

By following these four simple tips, you can look forward to having a blast on your next party!