Photo credit: Elliott Brown via Flickr
Photo credit: Elliott Brown via Flickr

Planning a private function need not be too stressful if you’ve got the right help from the right people. We’re not only talking about event planners here — you can do all the planning yourself. When it comes to the food, however, this is where function catering services may come handy. While serving for a small group may seem simple enough, it’s certainly a lot different if the event you’re planning involves a large group of attendees. Apart from ensuring that your guests are well-entertained and given enough attention, it’s also necessary to keep them well-fed. Remember, a party won’t be complete without any food, so be sure to give your guests something to satisfy their cravings while enjoying the event they’re attending at the same time.

Decide on a schedule.

The success of your event can depend greatly on the particular time you decide to hold it. Is it more appropriate as a morning function or an evening one? Should you pick a weekend or a regular weekday? If you’re expecting for a lot of people, make sure to check out holidays or special events that may take place around the time you picked for your function.

Choose your venue.

Apart from the schedule itself, make sure to decide on the venue as early as possible, especially if you’ll be required to make reservations. The location can also depend on the particular nature and scope of your event, as well as the guests you’re expecting to attend. Whether you decide for an outdoor or an indoor venue, remember that both may have several advantages and disadvantages. Make it a point to compare the pros and cons and the various things that need to be taken into account when choosing an ideal site.

Plan entertainment and party theme.

The entertainment and the general setup for the function can depend on several factors that may include the age and type of attendees, the location where the party is held, the nature and specific goals for the event, as well as the general expectations of the attendees. Planning the right ambiance is crucial to the enjoyment of your guests and the overall success of the event. Search for cheap party supplies that are fun and can spark interactions and conversations among guests. Theme, on the other hand, is essential for you to plan your event accordingly. Having a party concept can help you better plan party decors, entertainment, and food that will be appropriate for the type of event you’re holding.

Photo credit: The Sun and Doves via Flickr
Photo credit: The Sun and Doves via Flickr

Plan the menu.

No matter how beautiful the decors are or how lively the entertainment is, a party won’t be complete without serving any food. Quality food service and presentation must go hand-in-hand with the concept you’ve decided for your function. Plan your menu accordingly according to the age and type of attendees, the event time and party concept, as well as the general food preferences expected from the different groups of visitors attending. And last but not the last, plan your menu in such a way that you’ll have a few offerings that may be suited to everyone’s palate.