Photo credit: Dave Chiu via Flickr
Photo credit: Dave Chiu via Flickr

Apart from the wedding itself, marriage proposal is something that needs careful consideration and planning. Always remember that this should be an unforgettable experience, something that you can share to your friends and even retell to your younger loved ones in the years to come by. The proposal need not be out of this world to be worth telling and remembering, though. Every woman has varied tastes, so make sure to plan an engagement proposal that will specifically match her personality. Some would feel comfortable sharing the moment with loved ones or even strangers, while other women would vote for a private moment instead. Whatever the type of proposal you’re planning, make sure it’s something worth remembering without causing your lady love any discomfort or embarrassment from the experience.

Ask for the parents’ permission.

Okay, so this may seem cliché and passé, but this is a tip worth following. After all, this gives the parents the idea that you are really sincere and your intentions for the daughter are clear. This does not mean you’re giving the parents the higher authority, though: remember that you are not after their permission to marry their daughter per se, but after their blessing for bringing your union to a more serious level. This is also a good way of earning the respect of the parents; they can even share some tips and info about their daughter that you don’t know yet.

Choose a location.

When it comes to choosing the perfect spot for your proposal, you don’t have to spend money on luxurious travels and expensive romantic spots right away (though you can perfectly do so if you have the budget). Even the simplest of things, say doing the proposal at the place where you first met, can be romantic enough. This can also go to show how much you value the littlest details of your relationship. You can even recreate the moment when you first got introduced or became a couple, reliving the memory and giving it a new and unforgettable romantic twist.

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Photo credit: deanna.f via Flickr
Photo credit: deanna.f via Flickr

Organize the plan.

Always remember that no matter how romantic the tips you can find online, it’s still up to you how you want to proceed on your engagement proposal. After all, it’s you who knows what your special someone likes best. If she’s of the sporty kind, a trek to the mountains can be good – present the ring on a bended knee once you reached the peak. A simple meal at home or a romantic dinner outdoors can also be considered excellent ideas. Whatever you’re planning for the proposal, always endeavor it to be a surprise and make it something that suits your loved one’s tastes and personality.

Capture the moment.

Whether you’re in a hotel, restaurant, or on top of the mountains, make sure to capture the moment so you can fondly look back at the memories even after so many years. You can also consider having the moment photographed professionally (make sure that the photographer is discreet enough) or ask someone that your loved one feels comfortable with. This is so the pictures will be more of candid moments between the two of you.

Good luck! 🙂